Best Pizza in Taipei


I’ve had Larry’s. Pretty yummy. They have 2 locations, I think.


that larrys stuff was terrible. as a real nyer im offended that they would deign to call this “ny pizza” (and it can join all those other faux “NY” places such as NY sushi, NY bagel, etc. as being a fake idea of NY stuff for unknowing locals). it’s basically a canadian’s idea of what a new york slice is (wonder why that would be?). the crust itself was “OK,” the sauce and cheese flavorless. the cheese super-lower quality. and waited 15 mins for a slice. so glad i’ll be back in NY in a few weeks!


Incubus wrote:

[quote]…I think it qualifies as traditional NY neighborhood style za. The pies are 16 inches, which is large by Taiwanese standards.

One large pie and a very good “Central Park Salad” set us (party of 2) back $900 something. Not cheap, but well worth it. (We had to bag half of the pie we couldn’t finish and it was still good the next day coming out of my toaster oven.) [/quote]

Thanks for the useful details Incubus. I must try this place sometime. It sure is nice to have so many pizza options in Taipei. I was regaling my students with stories of how when I first came to Taipei when you ordered “pizza” in a pub it was basically a hamburger bun topped with ketchup and velveta cheese and popped in to the toaster oven. Lo those many years ago! :grandpa:

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So are we. :America: Have a nice trip.


I heard Citizen Cain’s pizza was great, but Alleycat’s… lately I have heard different… I haven’t had the opportunity to try Citizen Cain’s pizza, yet.


I went to La Luna (An He Rd) tonight and both their pizza and Australian Chardonnay were quite good, hic! :laughing:


Just discovered PaPa Gio’s last night (as in Wednesday) and the pizza there is great.
They only have a limited selection, but it really is good, way better than anything I’ve had in Taiwan so far.


How was their service? I went there way back and the food was good but service was disappointing, so haven’t been there in a long time.


As per this thread viewtopic.php?f=39&t=81669 the place is under new ownership and has a new (if not different enough) name.
The service was great and the food was so good that we’re going back tonight :smiley:


I have taking it upon myself to become the pizza critic for Why me you may ask? Well first I owned a pizza restaurant in the USA for 25 years and have been making Chicago, New York, and Italian Style pizza’s and think I know crust which is the secret of all pizza. I have been making hand made crust for decades.

I have yet to find a good pizza in Taiwan but I will keep looking and will follow anyone’s suggestions.

Send me your restaurants and I will check them out and write a review.

Good pizza hunting. :bow:


I was born on the border between Italy and France (I’m French). So I like my pizza actually Italian, not “named like Italian”. That means a not too crusty dough (too crusty being what you would find at Le Rouge), baked in a wood-fired oven, and with a majority of toppings (and not a majority of dough like an american pizza).
I personally was disappointed by alleycat. I think they are good at marketing, not cooking.
So far the only place where I’ve actually enjoyed a pizza in Taipei has been in Ziga Zaga, the Grand Hyatt’s bar. Their peperoni (and I’m not fan of peperoni) was really great. And yes, their oven is fired on wood. It’s 400Nt$ per pizza though.


Try Papa Gio, it’s the real deal and I’m sure you’ll like it.


I just went to the pretty newly opened Pizzeria “Fifteen” near Technology Building MRT: … mmend.html

Very nice, if you like thin crust pizza that’s not too crunchy. Perfect for sitting outside today, drinking Licher Hefeweizen wheat beer, and enjoy the sun.

So far the best Pizza I’ve had here in Taiwan.

Don’t miss the poster inside that explains why the beer should always be stored in the lowest part of the fridge :wink:


Haven’t been there in 6 months, mostly because the service is sloooowwwwwwwwwww, but I still haven’t found a place that beats Wollomolloo’s pizza, and Jimmy’s homemade pasta sauce is the best I’ve found too short of my own kitchen. They also had Montieths, Coopers, and (ugh) VB, but this was awhile ago.


Apparently the pace has picked up over the 6 months. Hungryintaipei wrote in her Dec. 09 review:


I will definitely give it another try then.

That wasn’t a one-off though, it’s practically across the street from me, we used to go every week for a while because we didn’t care if we had to wait what with the Aussie beer and excellent coffee, and Jimmy’s an interesting guy. But then it became a little silly to wait regularly for 30mins for one pizza in an empty place, and the Aussie/NZ beers were like NT$240, so we stopped.

Also as an additional bonus, their coffee is also outstanding, Jimmy used to say that he flew in the coffee from Australia at a loss to him because he couldn’t stand even the Lavazzas and Illys of the world…


I second Papa Gio’s. Yes, it’s under new management, Giovanni left and sold the place to Giorgio last year. So the name still applies :slight_smile:
Had the Margherita pizza there recently and the ingredients were fresh and high quality. Don’t agree that they have a limited selection of pizza’s; there are 20 different kinds on the menu…


In Tianmu here are some thin crust pizza places we have tried. Stone oven baked. No corn toppings in sight!
1). Pizza Maya: 02-2876-1562 Shidong Road, Lane 91, No.17 No seating. During peak times it is best to call ahead. Prices are 200-220NT. I think about 12 inches. The pizza maker used to work at Alley Cats.
2). Faust Pizza (used to be Pizza Maya) Near the temple with the fake goats on the hill. Zhi Cheng Road, Section 2, no.20 Tel: 0983-772-184 There is some seating inside and two picnic tables outside. Current owners are a German woman and her Taiwanese husband so they have German beer. Prices about 200NT for a pizza. I hear Faust Pizza also has salads on the menu now. Again, you need to call ahead.
3). Pizzeria Oggi, near the Sogo, between Wendel’s and Carre Four. Dexing West Road, No.19 tel: 02-2834-3965. Just had a soft-opening. Gourmet pizzas so a little more expensive than the two above. Seating, restaurant setting. Here is their menu: … 4&next=559


I know others (such as Olm) have posted about this place already, but I have to say that 15 (“fifteen”) has the best pizza in all of Taipei, imho.

The Margherita at 15 is quite simply excellent. Excellent crust, high-quality cheese, and a very good sauce. They have an imported oven from Italy, I think, and it does a great job. For me, this is the true test of a pizza place–how well they do the Margherita, the most basic of pizzas–and 15 certainly does this one well. For me, it has become my old stand-by.

Add on very friendly staff and a convenient location (for me) near Taida (and also near the corner of Fuxing and Heping), and 15 is, without a doubt, my favorite pizza place in the city.

Highly recommended.


Went to Mary Jane pizza in Gongguan earlier this week for the first time and i was impressed by the place… pizza was delicious, especially the Meat Za… and cheap! friendly staff, i’ll be back often i’m sure!


Went to Mary Jane pizza in Gongguan earlier this week for the first time and i was impressed by the place… pizza was delicious, especially the Meat Za… and cheap! friendly staff, i’ll be back often i’m sure!