Best Pizza in Taipei


Chicken fried steak baby!

YEAH baby!

Okra! whoohoo


Canucktyuktuk wrote:

Actually I forgot to add one very good pizza joint in Taichung that does sell pizza by the slice and the one time I ate there they were the closest I have tasted to New York style in Taiwan:



yeah Papas does pizza by the slice and they usually have a stall at Spring Scream too!


Wow. Interlocutor. You KNOW your pizza. Grimaldi's is AMAZING. They are the ONLY pizzaria in NY that still uses a coal powered oven. That is why their unique flavor.

And you were right on about the Grimaldi/Patsy's fued. Only a true pizza connessuier wold know that.

Well done. :slight_smile:


you win! man, i can't even order a pizza with green peppers for christ's sakes (they don't understand me) and you can order mayo! :notworthy:


There are at least two branches of Fingas now.

By Terry's place do you mean La Terrasse? Nice place, very good bread-and-butter pudding.

But you don't need to look for oases in Taichung now. There are lots of good "foreign" restaurants.


I agree.


That's very nice of you to say. Very much appreciated. Are you in Taipei for the hols?



While Alleycat does offer a respectable pie, I am a fan of Chicago, a small joint off Jing Guo South, 1 alley south of HsinYi (on the east side of Jing Guo. What makes it for me is the sauce. A homemade sweet basil sauce, I find it to be the closest representative of those childhood pizzas available on any corner in Montreal. Just avoid the peas. Sorry Alan...yours is dee-lish too, but I gotta say I prefer Chicago. Actually, I really enjoy Citizen Cain's pies as well, especially the 2 for 1 deal. But by the sounds of things on this thread, you won't be hurting for business without me.


Greeneyedgrrl wrote:

Alidarbac wrote:

Thanks to Greeneyedgrrl and Alidarbac for turning me onto Salut. I happened to be in Taichung one night this week and sought out Salut based on your postings. What a cool little place. Just a bar and a table downstairs and a couple of tables in a loft over the bar (a few tables outside too that look inviting for warmer weather.)

Very good pizza indeed! Now even closer to a NY style than I have experienced before in Taiwan. It


I voted Alleycat's -- great food! Actually I like Mr Paco's a lot too, but it wasn't listed. I definitely want to give some of the other places a try eventually. If anyone is up for listing the addresses and/or directions for all the pizza joints in town (and hours, etc.), I think that would be a great thread to refer people to later on. Be sure to put Alleycat's at the top where it belongs though! :wink:


only two "hey this is good" moments i ever had here with pizza were the original paco's when it was in basement of eslite, and alleycats.


generally we don't have to leave staten island for pizza, :wink: but i will try that out next time home! brookyn ice cream company for dessert!


After Alleycats, I too am a big fan of Chicago pizza. Cheap, convienient (in Taipei), lots of choice and just plain friggin' good. TC will disagree with me on Chicago if he sees this thread, but if it's a takeout pizza you want nothing beats it for me. If I want to sit down and have good atmosphere, wine and service then Alleycats all the way.


I have not tried all on the list in Taibei so I can not be sure. Of the ones I have tried Alleycat's is the best in Taibei, but I think the best pizza I have had in Taiwan was at "Friendly's" in XinZhu (HsinChu). Unfortunately the service and prices there are somewhat less friendly than at Alleycat's.


While Alleycats is tasty, I don't think its the best. Maybe when they change their crust I'll reconsider. I'll vote for Chicago.


hmm will have to try chicago out again. back in the day it was ok, but just ok.


Tempo Gain wrote:

brookyn ice cream company for dessert!

Off topic I know but don't forget Brooklyn Beer, a small microbrew I discoverd on one of my trips back. Almost sure that's the name. Blue and Yellow label as I recall and you can find it around the NY area now.


hit woodstone today, just ok, nice crust but poor cheese and sauce, strange/poor toppings, strange "all you can eat" format. all in all was ok, didn't feel like i wasted money but probably won't be returning.


That's the one Joesax.

Great guy too.