Best place for western style greasy breakfast

I’m an early riser. I like to get up early (like 6 am) every day of the week, get the chores settled, get some exercise, do some project, etc.
And sometimes, maybe once a month, I like to treat myself to a big fat greasy breakfast. Not neccessarily GREASY, but you know what I mean, I hope.

My taste buds occasionaly call for bacon rashers, breakfast sausages, or ham, good hash browns, eggs cooked scrambled, poached, over easy or sunny side up, and a choice of toast (Multigrain, white, sourdough, or rye). Blueberry pancakes with pig meat on the side would be good, too. If you don’t keep filling my coffee up then the experience will be nil.

Think good diner food. Think Denny’s in it’s better days. Think truck stops. I like to read the paper when I eat. There should be one lying around for me.

Here’s the clincher. I want it by 9 am on a sunday or saturday at the latest.

Besides making it myself, where in North Taiwan can my dream come true? I’ll drive for an hour in any direction from Banchaio train station.

I’ve tried a couple of recommendations from Restaurants, Bars and Clubs, and found the!m to be stunningly mediocre. And don’t expect me to butter my own toast! I hate that!

Honestly, I’m a cheap bastard, I hardly ever treat myself to anything and I want my Bacon’n’eggs!

It’s the 9am that has me stumped. I like the JBs breakfast myself but you can’t get it until lunchtime. Not much help, I know.

The closest I can think of is the Swensens at the Renai circle. They are open 24h. It hardly measures up to what you described though.

Carnagies or Shannon brunch?
Not sure when they open though.

How about the hotels? There must be some that cater to western business people and travelers. It’s not that I will die if I don’t get this, but, well it’s a craving.

IHOP anyone?

I tried Carnegies last weekend. The beans were a nice touch but I couldn’t seem to get Ketchup for my eggs, there were no hashbrowns (The waiter was hovering around so I glanced at the menu and didn’t read it properly. I assumed the “not so big breakfast” would have hash browns) The coffee was excellent (I reserve coffee for special sunday morning feasts as well) but not once did anybody ask me if I wanted another one. I really, really did. The eggs were cooked without salt or pepper, and I could not get any out of the shakers on the table. The toast was cold when it got to me, and I was strangely left to the task of buttering it myself, with unsalted butter. Strange, that. The sausage on the plate was not my idea of a breakfast sausage. The bacon was good. So was the orange juice.
I think it was 300+dollars. Price good, I think, but expected more in the way of service. I saw other tables with more people getting served the way I would like to have been. Maybe I’m not a regular?
Not to dis Carnegies. I’m sure its a fine place with good food and service. I’ve had a couple of good times there late at night with a couple of beers in me, but this is the first time I tried the food.

Next time, the Shannon. Opening hours, anyone?

@canuck. Can’t think of anywhere that gives you your toast already buttered. As for the hotels, the Howard Plaza and Landis used to offer good breakfast buffets, but haven’t been for a while. Cost varies depending on the hotel, but is usually around NT$500 (+ service charge).

There’s also the G’day Cafe in Xing An Street, near the Fuzing/Minsheng intersection. I think they open about 10am. They have good, greasy brekkies about NT$200.

canucktyuktuk wrote:

Open 11:30am - late 7 days.
Sat/Sun all day brunch is from 11:30- 5pm…and is a typical western greasy breakfast!
I have the body to prove it!


Damn, Cap’n. That’s pretty late for an early riser like me. sounds like you know what I mean If I were to say “typical” though. I’ll try it. Make sure the waitress refills my coffee, though. And butter my damn toast, please!

bacon’n’eggs, laa la
bacon’n’eggs la la la
bacon’n’eggs laa la
bacon’n’eggs, la la la
repeat ad nauseum. welcome to my world.

I have a craving…

canucktyuktuk wrote:

The coffee is bottomless, but please ask your server to have the toast buttered for you if you like. It’s kosher these days to leave it to the guest to avoid the…‘I never asked you to butter my toast/ thats too much or too little butter drama’. Just trying to be PC.

Dan Ryan’s (next door to Shannon) might be an option. Their Egg Benedicts is a definite must :rainbow: