Best place in Taipei for NON farmed fish

I read that Tilapia for example contains Omega 6 fats (Omega 3 is what we are advised to consume) due to their feed consisting of corn! Some claim it was akin to eating a hotdog. Most Tilapia is farmed in China, so lord only knows what practices are carried out there from production to slaughter.
I have since stopped buying this fish. I didn’t eat much of it anyway.

Most Salmon - approximately 70% is farmed now and they have caused controversy like disease and GM salmon (that grow faster) for example. And in creating 1 pound of farmed salmon more than 3 pounds of wild fish meal is consumed.

Eating at restaurants - my guess is they wouldn’t have a clue if the fish was farmed or not.

Costco does label if the fish is wild or farmed. I am not sure if the ‘wild’ means something like off-shore cultivation" when the cages are placed in the sea or what we imagine a fish farm to be like.

Well where are the best places to buy non farmed fish?

Canned salmon at Costco is wild from Alaska. Alaska has no salmon farms and very healthy sustainable runs every year so you should be okay with that. It’s one of the fish I regularly eat.

But yeah, it’s a real concern. I’m reading Bottomfeeder now and it has turned me off farmed fish for good, including shrimp (unless you like your food raised in tanks of feces and antibiotics)

Things like bonito and mackeral should be fine. Apparently sardines are very healthy and sustainable as well. Great sources of omega-3.

A good friend who lives out in daxi knows all the right fish to eat. It’s probably more than could be explained in a post though. Whenever we go out he’ll point to different fish and seems to know where it’s from, and if it’s farmed or wild. Lots of stuff from China including river fish. :sick:

Cheers, I will take a look at the salmon. But I am not a fan of added salts etc for preservation. I try and eat as much ‘raw’ as possible. I will also look into the other fish.