Best place in Taipei to study lower intermediate Chinese?

I’ve been back in Canada for almost two years now and want to return to Taiwan to study Chinese. I completed the Far East, Level 2, Book A at Tzu Chi U. in Hualien. Since it’s been so long, I want to repeat that level. I’m planning to join a fall, 3 month, 3 hrs/day intensive course somewhere in Taipei. Am currently looking into NTNU but want to check out alternatives. I’d look at TLI (have studied there before) but understand you have to be employed before they’ll accept you as a Chinese student. Does anyone know if that is true??? I don’t want to work this time so TLI might not be an option.

It’s not in Taiwan, but I recommend the Middlebury College Language School in Vermont (summer program) for lower intermediate. At that level, Middlebury can definitely push your progression faster than studying abroad can.

Thanks for your suggestion. However, I do want to be in Taipei as I previously lived there for 3 years and two in Hualien. As well, I have roots in Taiwan. I want to re-connect with my friends and go to my favourite haunts, etc. The most important thing is to study Chinese but not outside of Taiwan.