Best place in Taiwan to buy a TV

I am in the market for a new TV, and have been dreaming about it for about 3 years now. I was planning on getting a 77 inch LG OLED C9, but it looks like those are more than 3 times more expensive in Taiwan than in the US. While I would still love to get that TV, I am now open to other less-high end options like QLED. Where is the best place to buy a TV, whether it be at retail or online?

Is their a local version of Amazon or anyplace to get good deals on TVs? Or does everyone just pay ridiculous prices for TVs?

Costco Taiwan had the same LG OLED TV that I bought my parents in Costco USA and it was double the price.

So even Costco here has some crazy pricing for the same exact TV. You are not going to get Amazon pricing here. There is not the volume of sales + enough competition to reward the price slashing you see in the states. Also, I’m still unsure about the import tax for electronics…someone else might have an idea if that is part of the reason.

You might try to go with a friend to Costco and check it out. They have some listed on that include shipping cost.

A long time ago I used (via business account to get a discount) but you can try to see how pricing compares. The problem is they don’t have a dedicated English website.

Pretty much this…you can look at some of the local brands and the price disparity gets a little better but not much. A few of the local brands ODM for the big brands so it’s not like the tech falls off the cliff, but the situation is frustrating for sure.

Thanks for the information, guys. I hope to check out Costco today and will check out the linked website when I gather the mental energy to read the Chinese.

My personal experience is that going to a department store on one of the 3 big sales of the year would get you the lowest price, even compares to the internet and Costco.

Thanks. What are the 3 big sale periods? What are the main department stores that would sell a TV?

Aside from CostCo, check Carrefour and RTMart.
Many times (especially Carrefour where we bought our LG big-screens years ago), they’ll give free electronics away, or discount tickets to Asia destinations, or other things, along with prices that are quite competitive.

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here its good too

You need new dreams tonight.

As an interesting sidenote; how many people still “watch TV” as opposed to watch streaming content on a HD monitor/laptop? I dragged my 42 inch beast out to the landing the other week. Freed up so much space in my living room.

What many people can do is get a VPN and then ask their parents or close family members back home if they can have their cable TV id and password.
All U.S cable/satellite TV providers allow subscribers to have multiple users of their service either at the provider’s online website or on the App.
A VPN is like US$3 per month.
Just have VPN on US (or your country) server when logging in. It works fine.

I have all the media I can consume (other than international soccer), what I need is a TV.

My smallest monitor is 82" and every gaming PC is hooked up to projectors with 140" screens.

Watching content on tiny screens without good audio sucks.

OP - Just gotta pay up or import a projector. I recommend JVC/Sony LCoS.

3-10% depending on the kind of electronics.

And for TV’s, never buy the latest. Try to get it next ‘season’. Always cheaper.

well you need a TV for xboxes etc

While you can play video games (and streaming content) on monitors and laptops, I only do it when using a TV is unavailable.

Try this one.

Tell them your budget and they will find something to fit you. You can pay in interest free quotas, also of your choice.

There are several electronic household appliances store chains. Those might have more varied, newer and cheaper models than department stores.

Costco has the best guarantee but not much in variety.

The three seasons may be close to fiscal year end, around November I think. Then mid year sales, and New Year. Correct me if I am wrong.

Do remember some places sell items that are direct «imports», not from the official distributor. Might be newer, fancier, like for example Japanese electronics. Price might be without taxes …But also more limited guarantee.

In November I assume we are talking about singles day, Nov 11. This seems like the closest time from now where I can get a better deal.

No. In November, late October, the businesses here must close fiscal year, so they do this big promotions to clear inventory. That is the best time to buy at department stores and household appliance chains.

Singles Day is a recent thing and unfortunately benefits more online sales… in China.