Best place in Taiwan to buy a TV

Thanks for the clarification. What are the two other times of year for big sales. I assume Chinese New Year is one.

Actually, nope, I think Lunar New Year is not the best time, tere are a lot of signs but people are aflush with money so the prices do not go down that much.

As I said a few posts back, like Mid year/change of season is good, then New Year, but teh best are the fiscal year sales. Here:

You are inl uck, then, if you can wait until September as sales start, and maybe catch last year´s models, you can get a pretty nice bargain.

Do your homework first, choose the model that best fits your lifestyle and thn try to find the best price.

For example, when I was looking for a new tv set, I wanted one with wifi access, a smart tv, so I could have Netflix and watch YouTube. I also prefer Panasonic, so it can “communicate” with current other appliances, like DVD player. I also did not want to buy a very expensive one, as though I use it a lot, I caknow thes ethinsg have a shelf life, new models come out all teh time, so buying teh latest means it is old news in a few months, ain´t worth it for me.

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seems overkill - but whatever makes you happy :smiley:

PCHOME is the place I recommend. Can find good deals, sometimes with a few freebies, I got a JVC and it came with a free sofa chair one time. Last TV I got a free power bank, 2tb hardrive, and a mosquito zapper machine. I would search them, just use google to translate the page for you. The search function accepts english as well lately. They deliver and unbox , it is the best option in my opinion.


Indeed, pick the option that gives you gifts for shopping. I bought mine at a brick and mortar store and they gave me cashback for the tv, a Thermos flask and an electric kettle. Last time when I bought a fancy vaccum cleaner I got a coffee maker too.

I can’t even find places online that have a 77 inch OLED, nonetheless in store. I’m focusing now on a Samsung QLED 75 inch 90r which is at least online (thanks tvarnagan!), but I doubt I will find that in store.

I have seen one of those things in a department store. One. I would be inclined then to follow the suggestion for a proyector.

Do you live in your own place? If rented, the landlord will not be pleased if you screw that monster to the wall. And we have frequent quakes. Please consider that in your purchase.

I have a three year lease starting in September. I generally don’t like wall mounting, but was thinking about it with new TV as they are so much thinner and lighter than the old ones. I’ll check with the landlord, but I can’t imagine it will be an issue…I’ll be paying to close up all pictures and painting we’ll be hanging around the house anyway, and I notice his other properties all have wall mounted TVs (he seems to go for the modern aesthetic).

Ok, as long as he is cool with it, no questions. But really, most tvs are mounted because we do have some shakes.

Thank you for coming out of retirement for this very helpful post!

While I’m sure you’re right, I am in a furnished apartment complex where all the units have mounted TVs. I will make sure that I have a professional do it with more than sufficient anchoring and equipment. If it comes down in an earthquake and that is my biggest problem, I’ll count me and my family blessed.

I buy most of my stuff from ruten ( and yes, as been mentioned, previous years stock.

I’ll also import directly from Amazon or eBay. Even with postage and taxes it’s still usually much much cheaper.

How do you import things from Amazon?

Put the item you want in you cart. Put your Taiwan shipping address and choose that address at checkout.
Amazon will calculate the shipping cost to Taiwan (usually giving you 3 shipping speeds) and they will have you prepay what the estimated tax will be. Then buy it if the price looks good.

Quite a few items they won’t ship to Taiwan but I have shipped a pressure cooker and books and TI calculators and all was fine. But i never tried a very high value item and fragile item.

Yes, as best_intentions says :blush:

I’ve imported laptops, car speakers, subwoofers, tv sound bar, surround sound speakers, kitchen appliances… Bla bla bla :grin:

Only thing you might wanna check is if the warrantee will cover it in another country.

Usually not, but I’ve never gotten anything substantive shipped into restrictive countries. None of the TVs I want will ship to Taiwan. But thanks, guys, for the idea.

How about eBay, that’s usually less restrictive.

Also if a seller hasn’t added Taiwan to their shipping list, they’ll sometimes do it if you message them.

Thank you, I will try ebay.

Oh I mean it is safer, even necessary, to have the tv mounted, the larger, the more imperative that it is screwed to something.

One wishes more things could be secured that way.

If you want to see overkill, visit the high-end forums on AVScience.

I just want an experience better than a typical movie theater. Too bad they don’t have Dolby Vision theaters here yet.

Dolby Vision plus ATMOS is amazing.