Best place to buy a PS4 in Taipei?


Hi folks, title kinda says it all. Would like to make a foolish purchase of a PS4 and just wondering if anyone had advice on a good place to buy one. They all seem roughly 9800nt for a slim, but would be great to get half-life decent games and a controller thrown in. Any advice would be appreciated!


The Taipei City Mall underground behind taipei main station is a good bet.


Yup. They might even through extra games. Is worth a look anyway. Also check Guanghua and maybe even a chain store or two.


OP, if you don’t have issues buying second hand, you can try FB searching, “Taipei buy,sell and trade” and put up a wanted ad for one.


“The Official Taiwan: Video Games - Buy, Sell & Trade” is usually a safer bet


You wanna buy my PS4 pro?


Might do. How old is it, why are you selling and what price would you like, good sir?


I got it the day it came out. I barely use it. No good games I want to play for a while so it just kinda sits there. And plus I’m moving at the end of the year. I’ll just buy a new one when I get a 4K tv when I move. Let me know. No issues, scratches or damage. Still have the box next to it.