Best Place To Buy Local PS2 Games?

I have seen small shops that carry a few games, but haven’t seen a department store or shop that carries alot of games. Where can I find the largest selection of games here?

“Local games” as in Taiwanese games?

And where is “here” exactly? I know there’s quite a few places around Taipei that specialize in games…

Yeah sorry, i mean the place to find the largest selection of taiwanese games in taipei for PS2 or any console.

OK, well, Taiwanese games specifically there aren’t many of. There’s a handful of companies producing console games - three (IIRC) even teamed up to display at E3 this year - but there really is no “large selection” of Taiwanese games.

Do you mean Japanese games? Fnac and 3C have a large selection. Or go to Nova and find the game shops there. The Bade computer market has some stores with a large selection.

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There’s a place in Tainan that sells “unofficial” PS2 and X-box games. They’re around 150-200NT each, and their selection is great (I got an english version of FinalFantasy X-2, Tony Hawk’s Underground, Metal Gear Solid 2, etc.). You will need a Japanese PS2 to play them (so, if you bought one in Taiwan, you’ll be fine).

If Tainan is too far, there’s always
If I had to guess, I’d say that that is the website for that place in Tainan. If you use that, you’ll need to be able to read Chinese, and type a request in Chinese. So, if that’s a problem, get a Taiwanese friend…quick.

There is a very good console shop near the Zhongshiao Fushing MRT Station. Take exit SOGO, pass the SOGO direction Zhongshiao TunHua Station. The shop is 1 minute after the SOGO in a basement (a McDonalds is nearby). The name of the shop is Game Max, they have a big selection of PS2 games, also rare japanese limited editions. However, they are quite expensive.

Another shop is at the Shilin Night market. This one is selling copies, 250 each DVD.

The most console shops are in Hsimen. Go to the Hsimen station and exit to the Hsimen pedestrian area. Then walk for about 2 minutes throug the pedestrian area (passing KFC) until you pass a pink building with “school” written on it. Opposite the street there is a 4 story shopping center. There are 4~5 console shops in the 4th floor. I’m not quite sure about the streets, but I think the shopping center is at the crossing ErMei Str. / SiNing Str.

Hope this helps.


Hey, I know what place you’re talking about…there also used to be a rad little video store on the 4th floor as well…but I walked by that place a few days ago, and all the doors were closed. Perhaps it’s closed down?

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