Best place to buy RMB

Hi guys,

Im traveling to China this weekend and I am wondering where its best to exchange NT for RMB. The options basically boil down to Taiwan banks, China banks, or airport exchanges. I was also wondering if anyone has experience using there Taiwanese ATM cards in China. This is my first time traveling to the mainland so please excuse my ignorance. Thanks in advance all!

Hello there. Best place to buy is at your local bank.
I’m in Nanjing now came here two months ago from Taipei. No luck with using my Taishin bank card here. :frowning: Can’t swipe and can’t withdraw.
I’d suggest you bring plenty of cash.

The Black Market Money Changers in Ximen, without a doubt. I always change money there and get a better rate than the banks. If you can wait until Friday, I will post the address.