Best place to get a Taiwan VISA


What is the best (longest) kind of Taiwan visa you can get without being sponsored by an employer or being married to a Taiwanese citizen? I heard something about 6-month multiple entry visas…do they exist? Where can I get one?
In HK they will only give 30 day tourist visas, extendable in Taiwan only if you enroll in a school or find an employer to sponsor you.
I heard in Jakarta you can get longer visas, maybe even 6 months. Anyone have experience with this?
Also, please state your nationality when answering, as it may make a difference in getting a visa (i.e. - I’m American, so info posted by someone of a different nationality may or may not apply to me…). Thanks!


We tried LA, HK and then we happen to be going to Honolulu. Honolulu is the place to get your visa, if you can, cause it was completely empty when we went in. At the other places they were giving my husband a lot of hassle (foreign spouse) because our marriage was not recognized yet in Taiwan. However, Honolulu gave him a 5 year multiple entry visa. Not only that but they called us at our hotel and asked a few questions beforehand.



I am a US citizen and in June 1999 got a two month visa in New York City from the Taiwan representative office there. This visa cost me nothing and allowed me to extend my stay in Taiwan to a total of six months.

In the office I saw more employees than patrons and the service was great. They processed my documents in about 45 minutes and were professional and courteous.

Hope this helps.


Vietnam was as good as I’ve seen in years.


I got a 5 Year Multiple Entry Visa because of being married to a local. It allows me to stay in Taiwan for 6 months at a time but I have to go to the Police Station every 2 months to extend it. I am not sure about this but I may be able to stay in Taiwan for 5 years if I go to the police station every 2 months. I have to take another look at it.

I got this visa in my hometowm of Washington DC at the Taiwan defacto embassy there.


Singapore was great. 1 day to get my new Tourist visa (in February 2000). And I had an overstayer stamp in my passport!!