Best places to live if you work in Taipei but want to go home to peace and quiet?

Let’s say you’re on a typical expat salary of around $65K to $75K a month working in the centre of Taipei City, but you want to live away from all the noise and chaos and don’t mind commuting a maximum of up to an hour a day each way via public transport. Where would the best places be to live for peace and quiet, near nature, where you don’t have to deal with tourists on the weekend and where commuting costs won’t be cripplingly high on such a “modest” salary?


Pick a neighborhood you like near metro stations that are toward the end of their respective lines. It’s generally quieter the further out you go from the city center.

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From what I’ve seen, these areas tend to still be quite chaotic and crowded. In the case of places like Dansui and Beitou, they’re crowded with tourists on the weekend. Are there places a little further out that fit the bill where you can commute by train, or would commuting be too expensive?

Minsheng Community is pretty nice - not that far out either

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It’s a bit hard to avoid that entirely in a densely populated city like this one.

That’s why I said toward the end. Some of the stops leading up to terminal hotspots are much less frequently trafficked.

Have you considered Songshan or Nangang? Train stations and a bit more of a suburb vibe out that way.

In all honesty, I strongly recommend you live close to work, even if that means being in a busier area, and just get out of town on the weekends. Commuting an hour both ways will get very old very quickly.


Xindian is pretty quiet and affordable.

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Because I’ve been commuting for over an hour each way since I moved back to London nearly three years ago, I feel like I could take advantage of the fact that a one-hour commute doesn’t feel very long to me anymore by living a bit further out than I otherwise would have when I eventually go back to Taiwan. My commute before the lockdown was an hour-and-a-half each way, and around a year before that it was two hours. A one-hour door-to-door commute would be a dream. But I know what you mean.

I suggest Shilin, in Yangming Shan.

You will have to take a bus after the MRT but that bus runs fairly often. It’s quiet though.

But I think even Beitou is pretty quiet.


It seems silly to settle for an hourlong commute just because you’re used to it when it’s perfectly feasible to secure a relatively short commute in Taipei.

I strongly suggest that you consider living near your place of work and saving whatever money and energy you would’ve otherwise spent commuting every day on getting out of town and enjoying nature on the weekends.

As an addendum, if you’re really good at apartment hunting, you can find a relatively quiet spot even in busy districts. Look for places tucked down the little alleys and lanes.


Qiyan MRT station has many new buildings in walking distance, nature, parks.
But Nangang is pretty quite at night and at the weekends, also not too far from the hills.

Fair points. I’ll research all the areas suggested in this thread but also keep your suggestion in mind and, when the time comes, weigh out the pros and cons. I should point out that I actually don’t mind commuting all that much, as long as I can get a seat, because it’s the only time I get to read. Or maybe I just tell myself that to make myself feel better about spending so much time commuting in London!

Danhai New Town is quiet.

I guarantee you you’ll feel like you have all the time in the world to read and do other things you enjoy if you just put in the effort to find a place you like that’s about a half hour away from where you work.

Good luck with your apartment search.

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Yeah if you are single there’s absolutely no need to live that far from work. Tonnes and tonnes of options in Taipei . How much do you want to pay for rent…Take it from there.

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I currently live relatively far out in London, where I need to take a bus to the nearest metro or train station. It’s a bit of a pain in the arse, but I love it. During the lockdown, when most Londoners have had to contend with going for their allocated daily walk through generic high streets full of closed-down shops, I’ve been getting lost in the nearby woods with nobody around and going for strolls in several large parks with beautiful views of the city skyline in the distance. If there is an equivalent area in Taipei, I’d love to see it. To be fair, I’m not so familiar with New Taipei City, so maybe there’s something suitable for me there without necessarily having to go way out to the sticks. I love Taipei City, but the unrelenting chaos, in-your-face billboards, and people everywhere really gets to me after a while.

Both Nangang and Neihu seem to fit what you’re looking for, and I think you’d get into Taipei a lot more easily/quickly than Beitou using the blue or brown lines.

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Goigle Linkou. Try the get a room in Wenhua area near Mitsui outlet mall around MRT A9 station.
Allegedly, the first planned community in Taiwan. Like MiltonKeynes to UK

I love this area. If ever I was to move back up North, this is where I’d pick :slight_smile:

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I’d vote for Tienmu—quiet with easy access to the hills and hiking.

Not sure the costs would fit the budget though!