Best practices in language partners?


I’m studying Korean in the U.S. now, and have ahem, acquired a language partner.

All right, before you jump to conclusions, let me say that I’d really like to take advantage of this opportunity to learn (she’s studying English now).

What are some of the things you’ve found that work well?

Should you stick to one language during the session? This would be hard, since my Korean isn’t good.

Doing drills? I would really benefit from this, but it would really bore her though, I think.

What about location?

Any input is appreciated.


For me, I need more than one at a time. Female, preferably twins. Otherwise, it is always English English English.

Ah yes, taken out of context as I knew this not-so-subtle metaphor-laden post would be.

Very well done though!

(I am serious about the advice though).