Best (price and speed) internet in Tainan

So, I paid 8,000 NTD for my first year of “100mbs”
Internet from Chang He’s Telecom.
It was always terrible. Never more than 30mbs, often 3-4mbs. And random weeks of using cell hotpsots because my wifi would not load pics.
Multiple modem changes, bought my own booster, and still sucks.
Now they want to Bill me a monthly $300plus NT and I feel this is alot for the very low quality I have experienced. I do t have time to go waste an hour at their offices every other week.

Recommendations? Speedy and Cheap?
Or not so cheap, but not shitty?

I use “chung hwa” or however its spelled, by the month tv and internet its like a thousand NT. I wonder if there is a better deal out there that includes roaming on the mobile. Internet has always been fast enough.

Just use CHT DSL or Fiber. The resellers tend to be samboiffic, as is K-Bro’s cable service.

I was with Sonet before, it was not a great service. Changed to China Telecom (Chang Hwa) last month to get fiber, 800 NTD a month. Very good so far.

By the way, Tainan = the best.

Wow, really? CHT has good service? I paid my $860nt contract breaking fee to change to G7 (GT?) And went from paying 799 x mo to 198 x no and have pretty good internet, most of the time. CHT had better reception, but not 500nt worth.
And above Chango Hos was autocorrect.
I can see about getting fiber.
After I did the math 300NT x mo for 100mbs seems not so expensive.
I don’t own a television, so, no need for cable.
Tainan has fast internet? Really!

Using CHT, in KSH but shouldnt be any difference, on fibre 100/40, consistant speedtest of 8ms, 95 or so down, 41 up. Around 900 give or take 50 a month, unlimited, have additional 250 on bill for wtfast for playing games outside tw, since they host the wtfast booster servers its very noticible when playing games like wow or ffxiv, they have the m.o.d for additonal 50-250 depending on pack. had it in new house for 3 years, 1 dropout, same modem since install. I dont use the modem’s wifi, have my own AP since its better. But it was still good, but not in modems current location in office.

Well it’s fiber. And as I was saying, before I was with Sonet so perhaps it looks fast in comparison :slight_smile:

Hmmm… Thanks guys. I need to go in to renegotiate anyways, so I’ll look I to it. Appreciated

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