Best Robot Vacuum

Does anyone use a robot vacuum? I’m thinking about getting one but I had a bad experience. But I got a cheap Chinese made generic one so maybe other brands are much better. It kept getting stuck and was sooooo loud. Can anyone give any recommendations for one that works well. I can’t see myself spending more than $200-250. Maybe 300 max if it really is worth it.

I haven’t used one but Xiaomi stuff tends to be the best bang for buck. As far as I am aware all brands are pretty loud, like leave the house and let it do it’s thing loud.

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How was it getting stuck? Mine sometimes gets stuck after climbing up surfaces such as the base of a fan. Unless you get one where you can tell it where not to vacuum, it will probably happen with any model.

I had a small budget when I got the one I have now, so I ended up with a deebot for cheap when Amazon was on sale. It is a Chinese brand, so I don’t even turn on the WIFI and just use the remote whenever I wanted to clean. It does the vacuum part sufficiently well.

If I move to a bigger place then I am thinking to get a Shark Vacuum. The one with an auto-dust collect bin.

There is a YouTube channel called vacuum wars that does robot vacuum tests. It’s a good place to get some info.


It would get confused by the leg of the furniture or stuck in one area of the room that might only have 3 walls and 1 way in and out. But the one I got was pretty cheap, I think around 100$ so it wasn’t the best. Also didn’t really clean all that well.

Fear of spyware?

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Yes. Especially with those high end models that has video camera onboard, and even have a microphone for voice commands. I have a hard enough time trusting them if they are made by a American company, it’s a definite no if it’s a Chinese brand such as Xiaomi.


Shoot. I have Xiaomi CCTV :joy:


I am looking at the roomba. They’re kind of expensive though. The 980 Line looks pretty good.

It looks like Xiaomi is really good.

So is Chinese state surveillance.

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I think I will get this one. The dust collecting function is nice.

This robot almost does everything I want. The AI onboard is trained recognize many objects, including the all important avoiding poop on the floor. Although the poop used in his tests was too large for cat to know for sure if it would work for me. If it all works though, it’s pretty amazing. The camera can even be use to find your cat remotely.

However, it’s from a Chinese company, and that high def camera became more scary than useful.

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Poop is not such a problem as hairballs. Poop usually stays in the litterbox/is big enough. Hairballs on the other hand can be semi liquid and flat… yuck yuck

I would think the pyramid shaped ones like Panasonic would be better for corners/not getting stuck in obstacles.

The top of the line pyramid shaped robot vacuum seems to be by Electrolux

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I got a Panasonic. Does the job very well.

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I’ve seen some that also mop besides vacuuming.
Does anyone have experience with those? Are they better than regular robot vacuum cleaners?

Not a robot vacuum, I will wait to buy one. But I got a cordless vacuum for 100 pounds. It was ranked the best cordless budget vacuum on vacuum wars.

I have a Roomba which has served us well for 5 years. Only complaints are: 1)the user interface for setting language, start times, etc. is somewhat difficult to use, 2)when cleaning the device too easy to accidently hit the user interface button, and 3)the side brush can break easily at times (easy to replace).