Best route from Taipei to Fulong and back?

Can anyone suggest the best route from Taipei to Fulong and back on the roads with minimal cars or at least bike lanes? Probably starting via the Graveyard Route behind the Four Animal Mountain area, then down into Mucha/Shenkeng. From there I am open to suggestions.

From Muzha zoo, cycle along the river to stinky dofu town, then turn left at the landmark 7-11 and ride along the 106 to Pingxi, then turn right in another few kilometers at Shihfen onto the 2 branch and ride along the river all the way to Fulong.

Great. Thanks for the info. I think I’ve taken this route before, but wasn’t clear.

I always found the 106B to Pinglin and then the PingShuan Road was quieter than the 106 - but urodacus has a little more experience on that.

Muzha-Shiding-Pinglin-Shuangxi is much better on a weekend.

Here’s how I am doing it this weekend.

The 106B is indeed quieter, but your route is a lot longer, and has MUCH more climbing (greenmark and Muzhaman). If i recall correctly: it’s been a couple of years, so maybe I’m thinking of another mountain road that ends at Pinglin. Anyway, it IS longer.

The 106 is fine on weekdays or before 10 or so on weekends, if cars worry you. Just avoid it on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

It is longer and there is more climbing. Not recommended for new or unfit riders although it’s not really that difficult. Some great swimming holes along the way are a bonus and it is almost all one lane road rather than the two lanes for the Pingxi 106.