Best schools to teach adults?

Hi. I wonder if anyone could help here. I’ve been teaching adults at the same school in Taipei for over ten years. Recently however, enrollment at our school is way down, and I now believe it will be necessary to look for work elsewhere. Can anyone comment on some of the other big schools for teaching adults? (LTTC? Wall Street? TLI? Others?) Any positive or negative comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

I think if you read the boards, and use the search function, you can find out which schools are better… AMOF, which school was it? Give us a clue about its name, eh???


I’d suggest checking out LTTC. Quite a few long timers there and they prefer teachers with experience (though that doesn’t necessarily translate to higher pay, sigh). I posted on it a few times before, so do that search through the archives as recommended. With your experience, I expect you’d be able to tell pretty quickly whether or not a school would suit you. Good luck!