Best Song and Group for your students

What is is the best song that you’ve taught your kids. Me, well I’ve probably had my best result with DOROTHY the Dinosaur - The Wiggles

Amos mate, do you know they are to tour Taiwan soon? Would make a great trip.

Alleycat, tell me more. Would love to take the kids somewhere to see that. Might head over to there sight now for a little bow peep.

I read it in the TT a few days ago. Search their website.

No, nothing there.

But CNN has this … gles.reut/

The Wiggles as we know them in Australia and the US will not tour Taiwan.

There will be a Taiwan Wiggles made up of Taiwanese singing and dancing to Wiggle’s tunes. They will be offically sanctioned and trained in Australia by the same team that looks after the Wiggles.

Disney Channel Asia bought the rights to the Wiggles a few years ago. They will appear on Disney PlayHouse and tour Kindergartens around Taiwan. It might come as a surprise to us that know the English language market here that the Taiwan Wiggles will be singing and dancing in Chinese.

Thanks for the correction.

This is a perfect opportunity then for a group of enterprising English teachers to copy their format and put on shows in English.


If you are interested I am starting a children’s theater called “Funnybone” doing just that.

All ideas are welcome.