Best song ever, what is yours?

I think you were a bit confused. And also dazed.


I like Houses of the Holy too…no excuse really. (well, just starting my coffee)

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Why is Aguirre on there? :thinking:

(that lead violin is amazing)

Aguirre II is the YouTube username of the person who posted the video.

Ah, so. Always liked the cover of that album.

Well, it’s different. :slight_smile:

Very ahead of its time. Looks like a punk album cover from the '80s. On a side note, I hear it was based on a true story…

Wikipedia has it that someone crossed the weasel story idea with a photo from a magazine ad for an electric shaver.

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I was probably seventeen when I heard that song (1970, I guess–or maybe the first half of 1971). Those first five violin notes got my attention. The rest of the song was good, too, but I thought the first five notes were unusual–in fact, I still think so. :slight_smile:

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What’s so interesting is how well the violin works in lead guitar role. I’m surprised this hasn’t been done more often.

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Yes, his violin is competitive :slight_smile:. I feel kind of phony or lazy or guilty or something for not ever getting around to investigating Mr. Harris’s music.

This guy’s good, too:

They were at Prairieville.

I get when you shit on me for typos and weird cell phone shenanigans. But serious, go have a beer and relax. Dont make me fck up pachabels only masterpeice, Canon in d and post a version with justin beiber or some other twat putting words into such a classic just so we can call it a song. Damn.

I hate Pachabels Canon in D

That looks like a magazine worth purchasing


And a bargain for 25 cents.

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Well farck. I gotta admit, i aint topping that one. It was pretty good. I had doubts in the beginning, but i had faith in your hatred for my posts of passion, passionate posts and general lack of grammatical Fs given. So i watched it to the end. Well played my friend, well played. I suddenly understand the inner grammar nazi i had you pegged as. inside just a sad man that hates all beauty in life. So much so, even pachabel becomes nails on a chalk board. childrens laughter must be horrendous. One day, a few years from now, when you are down in the gutter and meet a tall dark stanger at the bar. He will, just past last call, whisper in your ear softly: pachabel. You will remember this post and realize we met. Haha. Beer is on me man, you need more love in your life!

Hates pachabel…fuckrightoff.

(just playin)

this track has been at the top of my aptly-named Top Tracks spotify playlist every year since 2016. I don’t think its particularly good or have strong feelings towards it but yet rather obsessively I estimate 100+ hours of my life has been spent listening to it.

Specifically the section between 4:15 and 5:30.

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I remember this video being formative to my understanding of popular music as a kiddo.

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