Best songs on expats and expat life?

Here are two songs to get the list started.

Thomas Anderson: “Come Back to America” (audio excerpt)

Richard and Linda Thompson: “Withered and Died”

[quote=“Tom Waits”]when travelling abroad in the continental style
it’s my belief one must attempt to be discreet
and subsequently bear in mind your transient position
allows you a perspective that’s unique
though you’ll find your itinerary’s a blessing and a curse
your wanderlust won’t let you settle down
and you’ll wonder how you ever fathomed that you’d be content
to stay within the city limits of a small midwestern town
most vagabonds i knowed don’t ever want to find the culprit
that remains the object of their long relentless quest
the obsession’s in the chasing and not the apprehending
the pursuit you see and never the arrest

without fear of contradiction bon voyage is always hollered
in conjunction with a handkerchief from shore
by a girl that drives a rambler and furthermore
is overly concerned that she won’t see him anymore
planes and trains and boats and buses
characteristically evoke a common attitude of blue
unless you have a suitcase and a ticket and a passport
and the cargo that they’re carrying is you
a foreign affair juxtaposed with a stateside
and domestically approved romantic fancy
is mysteriously attractive due to circumstances knowing
it will only be parlayed into a memory [/quote]

Elvis Costello- Oliver’s Army
Best ever song about being a foreign correspondent. Or English teacher.
We’ll avoid the YouTube link, you can look it up.


Peter Allen: I still call Australia ‘Home’.

Not my favourite song, but appropriate for the thread.

Gai-jin Man ----Nick Lowe


and for some reason this makes me all dewy eyed and nostalgic for the UK. I guess it just reminds me of my very early 20’s

Good song, waterloo sunset…Funk, you’ve been around a while!

Taiwan specific an honorable mention to Taichung band Milk’s “Cos its all about the xiaojies (talkin’ bout the la-meis)”.

[wikipedia]One Night in Bangkok[/wikipedia], by Murray Head.

I have my ARC.

Grandaddy of them all- Hong Kong Blues by Hoagy Carmichael…

This is a great tune…

Easy for you to say

[quote=“Maoman”][wikipedia]One Night in Bangkok[/wikipedia], by Murray Head.

Why do I suddenly feel so dirty?

and headhoncho… I’m only 31 :slight_smile:

It just crossed my mind that probably “Pussy” by East German Industrial / Dance Metal band Rammstein qualifies in this category. I feel it makes fun of Germans abroad (not only expats), who think they can get easy sex. Kinda fits to Taiwan in my opinion, and not only limited to German expats :sunglasses: Others will argue it’s simply sexist or trying to create a scandal, though.

[quote]So take me now before it’s too late
Life’s too short so I can’t wait
Take me now, oh, don’t you see
I can’t get laid in Germany[/quote]

Warning: The video is XXX rated (or whatever you guys call pr0n) and absolutely not safe for work, children, spouses (unless they are into porn), etc. I feel it makes briliant fun of porn cliches, but again people will argue it just serves as an excuse to show sexual intercourse.

There is a censored version on youtube or an extremely explicit version here:

Lyrics are here:

[quote=“Funk500”][quote=“Maoman”][wikipedia]One Night in Bangkok[/wikipedia], by Murray Head.

Why do I suddenly feel so dirty?

and headhoncho… I’m only 31 :slight_smile:[/quote]

Here’s me thinking you were into the Kinks when they first came out… :notworthy:

I would also say that Englishman in New York song, except that I really really hate it. So it can’t be a best song for me.