Best soy sauce?

A search reveals that [url= says Kikkoman is the best soy sauce ever[/url]. Do others agree? Are there any other brands worth checking out? Preferably ones without massive doses of sodium.

Shouldn’t this be under the “You know you’ve been here too long when you start a thread about which is the best soy sauce?” :laughing:

But I did read some stuff about carcinogens in soy sauce, but seeing as I smoke I didn’t look much beyond the headline. And as for the sodium, well that’s the point, right?

It’s alright, a Guangzhou soy maker reckons the UK report finding carcinogens in soy is all bollocks.

Feel better?

[quote]China: UK’s “Soy Sauce” Report Slammed
Chinese soy sauce producers Friday lodged a protest against UK Food Standards Agency’s report alleging that some soy sauce products made in China’s inland, Hong Kong and Taiwan contain carcinogens.

The UK FSA lately spread that a recent survey sampling 22 bottles of soy sauce and related products produced by China’s inland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand found out 3-MCPD, an carcinogens and that some of the products also carry 1,3-DCP, another carcinogenic chemical composition. But UK FSA should not get away with its short-legged calumnious report made. It is said that Chinese soy sauce makers have got a plan to bring the case to the court.

After the UK FSA was out with its report, a senior officer of Guangzhou Meiweiyuan Food Co. Ltd. said that the quality control department of Guangdong Province has never found like substances in their products. It is said that the Golden Mark Superior Soy Sauce by Meiweiyuan is among those alleged to have “problems”.

The officer added, “we reserve the right to take law action on the irresponsible ulterior report of the UK FSA”.

In refuting UK FSA’s soy sauce assertions, grocers in Guangzhou also made a declaration that their products completely accord with the standards of EU. Manufacturers noted that some of the samples used by UK FSA must be counterfeits.

Hong Kong Food and Environment Hygiene Department Saturday stated that the department used to find trichloride propyl alcohol and bichloride propyl alcohol in some products. However, the related manufacturers have improved their products.

The spokesman pointed out that the above two substances only were proved to be carcinogenic in animal tests. There is no testimony to say they are carcinogenic found on human beings.

Following UK’s report, Australia and New Zealand also warned their consumers not to use soy sauce. New Zealand also withdrew soy sauce products from goods shelves in supermarkets on Friday. Karen Poutasi, Director-General of Health of New Zealand asked New Zealanders to avoid using products containing soy sauce.

Vice Minister of Health of UK unctuously said that his ministry only advised the consumers to avoid using soy sauce products. He said, “the fact is we did not tell people it is dangerous to use soy sauce. What we have done is only pointing out that this kind of things did occur in UK.”

By PD Online Staff Du Minghua [/quote]


I’m always on the sauce, though modesty prevents me from referring to myself as a sauce master. I haven’t sampled all brands but I would also say kikkoman is the near the top of the list.

Kikkoman is the only soy sauce that I ever buy.
By the way, what is the point of low sodium soy sauce? I use soy or fish sauce as salt substitutes in many dishes.

Kikkoman is Japanese soy sauce.
It is said low sodium for health.
I buy this one.And it is quite good for food.

The point about Kikkoman is that it’s properly brewed for a long time, rather than most “Chinese” kinds of soy sauce which aren’t brewed for long, and have flavouring added.

You can get even better Japanese soy sauces in wholefood/healthfood shops in the UK. They’re organic and there are various different varieties. I guess you should be able to get those here too. I seem to remember seeing them in health food shops here.

Buy Kikkoman lite if you’re concerned or allergic to (too much) sodium.

That’s all I use, and I’m Chinese.