Best spending tracker app?

I’m looking for an app that me and my wife can both use to track our expenses:

My requirements are:

  • Two people can login to the same account
  • Both English and Chinese user interface
  • Not too complex
  • Available on iPhone
  • Ideally free, or has a free mode that has the above features ^^

What app do you use to track your expenses? Any recommendations?


i use a shared google sheet, works for our needs.


My gf and I use splitwise. It does the job.


Can two ppl login at the same time, and use different languages?

You use different accounts but can make a group and add as many users as you want. It supports any language for entering items and costs but I’m not sure about user interface languages.


This is the perfect one I found.
Good Budget
Can sync up to 2 devices. Great web access. Widget for quick access.

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Just tried it but too much messing around with envelopes. Not really what I’m looking for.

Messing around with envelopes? Can you elaborate?
You don’t have to follow the envelope system to the dot. Just create a couple of “envelope” to track where you are spending your money. Don’t have to “Re-fill” the envelopes…

So in the end I also went with google sheets

I suggest to use Google Forms to automatically fill the sheet, unless you want to see the previous entries at all times.
Should have better usability on mobile.


What the heck? Google sheets is a step backwards lol.
Well… Whatever makes you feel in control.

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How many categories do you use?
I use these 6…
Auto Expenses
Bills and Utilities
Health and Fitness

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Still building it out but will let you know!

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Google Forms for input
Google Sheets to store the data
Google Data Studio to analyze your spending

i have 16 categories, and google sheets works great for us.
bills are seperated according to category, i also have kids expenses listed separately.

can you share a screen shot of the visualisation ? ive never tried it before and curious how it looks and what you can learn from it.

Hi Forumosans!

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