Best Taiwanese song ever? 我愛台妹

(Apart from 向前走 of course!)

(Also responsible for 差不多先生。。。 - uncensored version: … re=related)

Those lyrics. :roflmao: But it is about 3 years old isn’t it?

Is he paying royalties to Berry Gordy, Jr. Bob West, Hal Davis, and Willie Hutch,?

Fark you, Lord Lucan! I blame this pebble for the ripples now appearing in my pond!

Quite suddenly, and inexplicably, I’m dancing around the house pretending to sing Taiwanese songs all over again. it’s been awhile.
Recent classics for the most part. Wu Bai almost exclusively ( I might add because there was a shitload of my good CDs left when I upped stumps).

I was asked to come up with a villagers heading home theme song for a vid of a migrant worker in China. Cui Jian - Yi Wu Suo You was too obvious, but in my heart I was thinking about this one - 返去故鄉 from Wu Bai. There’s another 返去故鄉 which is like an Ah Bian era anthem.

Sigh!. Weird. 想故鄉