Best Tiramisu in Taipei?


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Make your own, super easy


There’s a cake shop on Fuxing South road across from Technology Building MRT that’s called “Tiramisu” (big sign on the storefront). If a shop is bold enough to call itself Tiramisu, it’s got to have pretty good tiramisu, right?

It is pretty bad. By this I mean : Taiwanese style.

I agree.

Go to Zoca’s!


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@_Lilith made this for me to eat.



Just like lostinasia, I believe Tiramisu is a big thing in Japan, so much so I thought it came from there at some point. The name also sounds suspiciously Japanese with the four syllables.
Did Japanese make it super popular or was it already a ‘thing’ around the world.
Sorry I didn’t read the links yet.

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It’s been a thing in Southern Ontario for sure, but that might be due to the high proportion of Italian Canadians.

looks ok
but not like Tiramisu

Are you sure you know what tiramisu is suppose to be like?

This is the the way homemade tiramisu is made in Italy. The only thing maybe not traditional is the chocolate crumbs added for texture.

Countless variations. That’s like saying “not like fried rice.”

Ja you got the Taiwanese spirit.

This is how they make it in Italy, people use chocolates crumbs as well and cocoa powder. What do you think is not right about it?

Tira = pull; take
Mi = me
Sù = up; on

Anyway, the tiramisu I’ve had in Taiwan were all ok/good.

Wish you could try it, it’s heaven :blush:

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Everything but the corn and peas.

If you are looking for genuine tiramisù in Taiwan, you definitely can`t go wrong with this shop:

Not really in Taipei but they do deliver all over Taiwan. Their espresso is just amazing and the fact that they only use fresh mascarpone cheese is just another plus.

Hehe. They will come round. skme people take.a while to get the jokes.

In the end, why cant one laugh at a hooker snack from italy, disguised with a japanese sounding romanized spelling of a name sold in a country that completely misunderstands all those concepts whilst still practicing them all in their own unique way. The irony and fun times are ripe. Tough crowd.