Best University to study Chinese

I’ve been looking into different schools as I’m planning to go to Taiwan to study chinese next year. I already spend one year in Taiwan and attended one season of classes at 靜宜大學 last year but came back last summer. So there is a two year break and my Chinese proficiency has definitely declined. Before I had almost reached A2 level.
Which schools do you think offer the best program? I’m searching in Taipei or Taichung and have noticed significant price differences (NTCU costs 25 200,NTU 40 000 NTD per season). Is there a difference in quality or is it more so location/university differences?
Of course I want to learn Chinese as good as possible but I also don’t want to just study during my time there.
Which schools do you recommend? Do you have any other tips for choosing a school and city (Taipei/Taichung)?