Best voice in film

Burnette Peters

I’ll never forget in Clue, when she was trying to describe her jealous rage “flames … on the side of my face … breathing … breathless …” :smiley:

Ralph Fiennes has an enticing voice, etc, etc.

Darth Vadar (James Earl Jones - is that right?)…

Marlon Brando…

Bobcat Goldthwait (no wait, maybe that’s worst)…

And a couple from TV…

John Forsythe (Charlie’s Angels)

Ricardo Montalban


Kathleen Turner – Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Saw James Earl Jones do a live reading from Star Wars at the Hollywood Bowl in LA in August. He was backed up by John Williams and the LA Symphony.

The voice. Wow. Second my vote. You should have heard 15,000 people roaring their delight after he simply asked people to turn their cell phones off before the show!

Great thread subject! Can’t think of the movies, but great voices are/were

Katherine Hepburn
Judy Dench
Maggie Smith
Tom Wilkinson (his narration in David Copperfield gives me goose bumps)
John Hurt (hear him in Nicole Kidman’s new movie, Dogville)
George C Scott

Toni Collette singing “Don’t Dream It’s Over” in Cosi. And of course, Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz. Her voice was so pure.

gabby hayes. hee-hee.

Sean Connery
Audrey Hepburn
Humprey Bogart
Harpo Marx

Peter Lorre
Anthony Hopkins
Lauren Bacall
Marilyn Monroe

Martin Sheen – the narration in “Apocalypse Now.”

Cary Grant

Curly Howard from the Three Stooges. “N’yuk-n’yuk-n’yuk!”

Anthony Hopkins, with that slight hint of Welsh accent.
Or, for the full deal, Richard Burton.

Of women, Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny.

I loved the voices of some of the actors on Lord of the Rings:

Christopher Lee
Ian McKellan
(someone) Rhys Davies (or something) who played Gimli

Pee Wee Herman

Dan Castellaneta
Hank Azaria
Julie Kavner
Nancy Cartwright
Yeardley Smith

and especially,

Harry Shearer

Hard to believe that James Earl Jones used to have a stuttering problem and now he’s the voice of choice. I think if a movie needed someone to play the voice of God, there would be little doubt about who would be first choice.

Gregory Peck
WC Fields
Slim Pickens
Andy Devine
Harvey Fierstein (that’s gotta hurt)

Mae West
Leslie Caron (English)
Cyndi Lauper
Sandra Bullock (the horselaugh, anyway)
Fran Drescher