Best way to find a teaching job

I want to get a head start on finding new employment for August. Is there another way to go about it besides sorting through the ads here and on tealit? are there any reputable agents in Taipei to whom you can send your resume and they do the work of finding a school in your area or is that just wishful thinking?

I’ve only had two jobs in my 4 years here so I’m not to familiar with the routine of finding new work… i know i hate the thought of leaving it until the last minute and having to do a possible visa run.

Network with people you know and other teachers to find the best jobs. The best jobs are the ones you find through people you know. Access the hidden market.


Pick the location you want to work in. Pick the level of students you want to work with. Go find a school that meets your criteria. Go in and get the job. With 4 years experience, you can have your pick, regardless of what the Aristotles of this island are saying. ESL is a growth industry. With 4 years experience at only 2 schools no less, you are in the catbird seat.

And if you have adult experience and are looking for part time hours, PM me. I have some good contacts in that area.

Good luck.

Aristotle would issue a “work advisory” and tell you to buy a tinfoil hat.

Aristotle would issue a “work advisory” and tell you to buy a tinfoil hat.[/quote]

True, but only after he plugged his website.