Best way to find a university position?

[quote=“mattstat”]I’m new to the forum, and have been spending some time reading old posts, including this sometimes acrimonious thread: [url]What's the point of working at a university in Taiwan?

What is the best way to approach a university to ask about a position? Dropping by in person, unannounced? By email or phone to ask about non-advertised openings? Only by responding to a genuine job announcement?

In the States, professors looking for semester to yearly adjunct employment write directly to department chairs asking for visiting slots. This is standard and not seen as rude. Is that so in Taiwan, too?

About me: I’m an American; 46-year-old white guy college professor and statistical consultant; PhD Cornell; standard academic background. Two years ago I interviewed for a position in the Statistics section of Academia Sinica. Although most in the group wanted me, the chair (probably wisely) turned me down because my Chinese was not up to par. It’s better now, but still far from where it needs to be to lecture in that language. Plus, I am embarrassed to say, I still cannot read nor write.

I teach all levels of math and statistics (well, from high school level on up). I have not taught English, but am intrigued. I would like to teach writing.

I will be in Taiwan this December and part of January. I had thought I would write to schools—in math or statistics possibly foreign languages—and ask to stop by for a visit. Of course, this is slightly out of the regular academic hiring cycle: some positions are free in January, but most begin late summer. Still, nothing ventured, etc.
Why Taiwan? I love it. I am doing OK and can afford the move professionally and personally.

If universities are out, I’m happy to explore other avenues (I’m already visiting a company that uses statisticians). I saw the Taipei American School. I imagine I am too old and “overqualified” for buxibans. Of course, I’m actually under-qualified, because I have never taught kids.

Thanks everybody.[/quote]

In preparing to move back to Taiwan, and not knowing how things were going to play out yet, I emailed letters of interest to several Taiwanese universities who had placed add on I was contacted by several of them, though one waited a very long time about it, and asked for my credentials. I emailed digital copies of my degrees and then they wrote back asking to schedule interviews.

One was very interested and even though I’d emailed many times to say that I was regrettably unable to be in Tawain in time for an interview, kept trying to re-schedule. But if I could have made it to Taiwan in time, I could have interviewed at several universities.

I think if you find something listed a tealit, you’ll have some chance of at least finding out the process and making some contacts. You are more qualified than I, but my qualifications are in English and teaching, which I’m sure makes a difference. I hope this is helpful to you, and I wish you good luck.