Best way to fly Taipei --> Melbourne (Australia)?

EVA fly direct to Brisbane and Sydney, but does anyone know the most time effective method to fly to Melbourne?

If you want to get there quickly, I’d say fly Eva to Syd or Brissie and then get a domestic flight to Melbs. If you’re lucky you could get a cheap flight.

Otherwise, I’ve flown with Cathay thro HK and Singapore Airlines (thro Singapore). Both were fine, Cathay was quicker tho.

Cheers, option 1 would be the more expensive route I would imagine.

By no means efficient in terms of time, but certainly pleasant and cheap, Vietnam Airlines via Ho Chi Minh and then either straight to Melbourne or via Sydney. Twelve hour stop in HCM, or get out and take a couple of days there.

The route back to Taipei allows for a one hour grace to meet your connecting flight to taiwan. You rarely make it and Viet Air put you up for free for a 24 hours, visa free, stopover in HCM. Delightful!

What about China Scarelines? Don’t they fly straight to hell, erh, Melbourne? Failing that, Cathay via HK?


We did this January of this year, and Cathay Pacific via HK was the most time efficient way. We had a layover oin HK of about one hour, and if memory serves me right we got into Melbourne about midday.

Yep… I’ve made this trip a few times and I’ve found Cathay to be the most efficient. Stop over in HK was roughly an hour. Just enough time to stretch your legs, grab a drink, take a leak and get to your departure gate. Should arrive in Melbourne around 11am and be on the freeway towards the city by 11:30.

Yes. The direct route is annoying because of the transfer to the domestic terminals in Brisbane or Sydney. Via HK is the fastest. I’m going through Singapore next year just for a change. It adds an extra 2 hours due to the stop over as opposed to 1 hour in HK.

I wish they had daytime flights to Australia, but that’ll never happen.

Check Cathay Pacific, Thai, Malaysian and Singapore. All will fly direct to Melbourne from their respective hubs. Malaysian will probably be the cheapest. You may face a long wait in at least one direction though.