Best way to fly to South Africa?

I need advice on booking a ticket for my flight back to South Africa. What have you found ,not only the cheapest ,but also the best way to fly to South Africa? I’m tired of TP tio HK to JHB when I really want to go to CT. I usually use Cathay Pacific, but I feel like a new experience.

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How about Malaysian Airlines to CPT?

Yes, Malaysia or Singapore. The deal is that Cathay is the best option; they offer the most flights to HKG from here, which means you don’t have a long lay-over in HKG, and daily flights to SA (sometimes more than one a day due to Codeshare with SAA). The other two only have three flights a week (or so) to SA, but both do fly to CPT after a stopover in JHB.

I travel to SA quite regularly for business and I’ve done the flight 6 times in the last 8 months.

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Cathay IS more expensive, but then you have the luxury of daily flights and a short stopover (slightly more than an hour) before the Johannesburg leg. Some of the other carriers are cheaper, but then you gotta stay over in somewhere like KL for 10-12 hours. What’s wrong with KL? Nothing really, nothing I guess if you like hotels (you get a hotel pass in KL) and 40 hour door-to-door trips. IMHO not so suitable if you’re on a business excursion.

But that’s just me… Rinkals, this might be the new experience you’re looking for? Enjoy mate!

I think I’ll go with the KL option. Do you need a visa for leaving the airport in KL?

Not if you are in transit. But you still need to go through passport control. I didn’t know that at the time and somehow snuck in and caught hell with passport control people when I was catching the flight to SA later. BTW, the hotel they put you up in and its (comped) buffet are quite nice.