Best way to sell things and make money

I think there’s an app called carousell that you can sell things on. But a buddy of mine goes to the nike shop and orders like all the cool looking clothing items in taipei like for example, black and grey hoodies that look cool. Like he buys 100 of each and resell them for more because there’s just almost none left. Or he waits in line and buys shoes and sell them for much more. And I know another person gets stuff from the US, and another gets things things like makeup from europe and US and sell it for like double.
Anyone know whats the best app or site to sell things here? Anyone do this to make some extra money?

I find it strange that anyone would pay more to a sketchy underground reseller than they would to a legitimate store for something as basic as a Nike hoodie. I guess maybe if it’s a REALLY popular item, and the stores are completely sold out of it, but are you going to buy out every retailer on the island? Even then, people can still use online retailers, and it’s only a matter of time before the brick-and-mortar retailers you bought out will restock their shelves. And that’s not to mention the legal risk involved.

If you’re feeling entrepreneurial (and have enough cash on hand to buy hundreds of items of name-brand clothing at retail price), why not just start up a legitimate business of your own?

Yes, we know you got mad bank, but some of us ordinary folk have to start small.

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I am using Shopline, Rakuten, PCStore (part of PCHome) and Yahoo. Except for Yahoo, I needed a corporate tax ID to register. Shopline is most flexible and generates most sales, at least for me.

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It’s not a bad idea, a lot of rich Taiwanese kids want the cool Jordan Nike gear and will pay a lot for it. And a lot of rich Taiwanese girls see that it’s makeup from france or US or something and will pay a lot as well

Ha. I do not have “mad bank.” I could not afford to buy out the inventory of retail clothing stores. If I did have that kind of money, though, I can think of plenty of more legitimate/sustainable/legal ways to grow it than becoming an unlicensed Nike dealer.

You can buy stuff from and list it on Amazon. Then ship directly from Aliexpress to customer lol