Best Way

I have taught in Taiwan a few years ago, and for the most part liked it. The main reason I left was due to the hassle and control relating to work permits.
Basically, I have two questions.

Could a person get a 2 month visitor visa at the TECO office where they live (mine being NYC) with out an invitation from an employer? As I remember they were very stingy at the NYC office and Thailand was even worse. This was even with an employer invitation in NYC and student type in Thailand.

I want to avoid having to do a visa run right after finding a job.

My second question is in reguards to the new laws about having 2 jobs or 2 work permits at the same time. Could a second work permit be obtained with out the original employer knowing and if so may the second job be part time?

Yes, you can get a 2 month visitor visa without an employer invitation. I got one in the Hong Kong office (which has a reputation for being stricter than average). Tthey did give me a hassle about it, but the visa was granted.

On to question two: I’m not sure you can get the second job without the first job knowing about it, but to my knowledge the first job can’t oppose your second job being added to your ARC.