Best website for finding the cheapest hotel booking in Taiwan?

What is the best website for booking the cheapest hotel room in Taiwan? Or Greater Taipei in particular?

I’ve sometimes used,, and those other English websites when I was in the US. But not sure if they are the best for my purpose in Taiwan.

My wife will call the hotel directly. We often get better deals that way.

We often get betters deals like that. But suppose I want to browse over the entire Taipei and find the cheapest hotel. I am looking for a website for that purpose.

EZTravel is one app popular in Taiwan for good rates. Cheaper or much cheaper than English sources.

Some Taiwan friends that travel Taiwan a lot, like weekly, commonly call hotel direct when looking for discount or upgrade.

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Try It’s a portal that gives you a broader look across 6-8 booking sites, but sometimes I don’t see listed and that website can have better deals in Asia. But before booking a place, I will always check the hotel’s own website as they can have better packages or even a better cancelation window especially if it is a resort type place.

Of course,,, are all owned by the same company. Then you have the “” group of travel owned sites.

This. I’ve “pro-user” benefits with Agoda and but I often still find cheaper deals by calling the hotels directly. Especially during Covid. You might also find some hidden staycation packages this way. Do try this for sure.

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I like to use FunNow , Hotel Combined and recently my favorite is Gomaji