Betel nut beauties banned?

Still going strong here in Taoyuan :wink:


Dayuan has several. Always a conversation piece when picking up customers from or taking them to the airport.


Well, banned from taipei and I think even New taipei as most booths are manned by… men.

Taiwan is more than just Taipei!! :wink:

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Yep, but I have been to Tainan… nope, not in sight on main roads, Kaohsiung dunno, haven´t been ther e while. Taitung…nope. I am pleased.

I’m sure I’ve seen betlenut girls in those booths this year.

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That is not what other posters have mentioned outside of Taipei. I have my finger on the pulse of Taiwan.:laughing: I may not be there in person, but the Sage of the Great White North has family and his presence in Taiwan and everywhere.

As the Taoists say, if you try to change it, you will ruin it. Try to hold it, and you will lose it.

Sometimes the status quo prevails.:yum:

Not in the sheer numbers and lack of attire as before. The rowdy past is gone fellows.

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take that, patriarchy!

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The much missed GIT once noted (and I’m paraphrasing) that everything that is a bit crap in Taiwan is somehow concentrated in Taoyuan.

The binlang girls’ last stand will be somewhere in the Taoyuan area. My money is on somewhere a bit shitty near the airport, so I think Dayuan is a strong contender.

Yonghe/Zhonghe is still lousy with them, anywhere outside of City nothing’s changed.
Nice try though.

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Summertime in Dayuan they’re wearing nothing but bra, panties, and a see-through nightie. Zhongli also.

Again, in the sheer numbers as before? Really?

They got on the Internet now. Check for the meaning of “banned”. Buenos suertes, abuela.

OK, I half assed paid attention on the way here this morning.
I counted 6 after I got across the river.
I can guarantee that 4 of them have been there since at least 2000.
And one of them just opened up a couple weeks ago.

That’s where all horny truck and bus drivers concentrate!

Definitely on trucker routes.

Why are truckers more horny than those in other professions ?

I think truckers are just more bored than those in other professions.

I’ve never actually seen a stand, or at least I dont know what they look like so I’ve never noticed it