Betel nut uses

"The areca nut, also known as betel nut, has some medicinal uses. It is claimed to be useful for leucoderma, leprosy, stoke, cough, fits, worms, anemia, dental and oral hygiene and obesity. "


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I like eating betel nut flower.


That stuff’s lovely. There’s a restaurant at the top of the Maokong gondola that cooks it really well.

One of my worst students has those telltale rusty red stained teeth and it’s kind of nauseating to even talk to him (which is usually when he’s trying to weasel out of handing in his homework). Are the effects supposed to be like cocaine? Because I don’t understand the appeal of this crap.

Kind of like a glass of wine is like a quart of Jack Daniels. There’s a mild adrenaline rush lasting a few minutes, not unpleasant. You can feel the blood rushing to your head a bit.

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It does wonders for brightening up those dull streets and sidewalks. And, makes bus and cab rides more exhilarating!

Makes walking or riding near a stand an exciting game of chance.

IF you want real excitement, park your car or scooter in front of a stand and get out. Fun for ages!

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So more like a Red Bull then?

I do believe it is worse than pot. I partook for years and my teeth and gums are fine. It did assault my waistline though, but I cannot blame the pot for that. It was the multiple taco runs.

I think I heard that stands are not regulated or something this or that.

I wouldn’t say it’s comparable to caffeine, no. Caffeine makes me feel noticeably more awake and energetic, but I can’t say I’ve ever gotten an adrenaline rush from it.

Like no-doz, or mini-thins? (if you remember them) They used to sell that in convenience stores in the states.

They sure aren’t. I think it’s the chemicals they add that will get you. First, lime, which helps release the active ingredient. Not sure how dangerous that is. The ones with the leaf only have a simple lime compound and are supposed to be better for you. The normal ones, they use a lime-containing construction compound–the red stuff–as a base for whatever else they stick in there, I’ve heard. Not sure what’s in all that.

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Just try it for yourself haha. It’s like 50nt for a small bag. It’s a taiwan experience every tries once.

I personally don’t really feel much from it. I prefer some dip or chew when I play ball.


When I tried it, thats what it reminded me of. Plug tobacco. Just as gross. IMHO

Okay. Then like… Adderall!

Pretty sure my wife wouldn’t kiss me for a week. Don’t really have any strong urge. Maybe one day when I’m super bored.

That sounds serious :slight_smile:

Ehh, no one will notice if you try once. I’ve randomly tried it here and there. Those that have the red stains do it regularly. I don’t really feel anything from it to be honest. At least nothing worth for me to do if regularly.

how old is your student?

Early 20s. I teach at a Uni.

(I considered replying that’s he’s 10 years old, because he certainly has the equivalent emotional maturity…)

oohh… ok

Do you have your masters or phd?