Better NEVER have an accident!

I was the witness of an accident a few days ago.

A scooter driver :happybiker: layed on the road unconscious aften an accident but I didn’t realy see what happened to him. Apparently he fell by himself. His lousy helmet did not realy protect him and now he layed on the road unconscious for a couple of minutes. The guy actually fell in front of a police station, which did not help much :s
The part of this testimony that is weared is that nobody, even not the cops helped him to stand up. They were watching at him, the cops even took pictures of him, and after a while he finaly got back to consious, standed up by him self and then the cops brought him to the station. :loco:

It is so weired to see someone on the ground and nobody touches or helps him. :help:

What is going on with this society ??? :wall:


Well, I’ve seen people stand up an older woman who clearly had a broken leg and repeatedly try to help a girl who’d been hit by a car sit up, and when she did, her face turned ghostly white and she blacked out cracking the back of her head on the pavement.

Ever see an “ambulance” crew scoop someone up and toss them into the van?


Never have an accident is the best advice you can offer. :bravo:

Yes, but only in Taiwan and despite my pleas not to.


An old man on crutches had fallen over a few days ago. He was unconcious and I was going over to aid him when two memebers of the public, who seemed to know what they were doing, went to help and got there before me.
Their procedures were good - they practiced first aid as I would. I stood and watched from a distance like a gorm, not because of the “accident scene” but because two members of the public were actually going to someones aid.

I didn’t know where to put myself.

The old man was OK in the end, incase you were wondering.


What about your first aid skills? I took part in 3 first aid courses so far, however, the only time I had to use what I learned, my brother - who used to work as an EMT - gave me a lecture afterwards telling me what I had done wrong. :blush:

Test your first aid knowledge with the BBC’s Quick Quiz - then take the interactive course to improve it.

This weekend, I saw a woman hop off of her scooter, start blowing on a whistle (I guess she carries one!) and redirected traffic to allow an ambulance to go ahead against the light.

She was screaming at the cars to stop and waving the ambulance through with her hands.

Taiwan needs more citizens like her!

Great to hear stories like these. I think that waiting for institutional change can take a very very long time. People helping out on a grassroots level like this is where it’s at.

These little bits are encouraging.