Better options than the iPhone?


No one is talking about the new Nokia phones. The 7 seems to be great value for the price, my wife has it on her shopping list.
I’m waiting after summer to change my ZenFone 3, will probably get the 5z


Check out this article. Apparently dual standby is only different from dual active if the 2nd sim is on 2G. So dual standby shouldn’t be an issue in Taiwan and most new dual phones are 4G/3G


I read that article a few months ago and still did not come away with a clear understanding. They just list old dual actives like Asus Zenfone 2. Then you go to and company even explains that 2G is phased out, so won’t work in Taiwan.

Key is to have both as 4G, because Taiwan will phase out 3G at end-2018.


I think I’ll get the 5z soon, my trusty ZenFone 6 is on its last legs.


I’ve not heard of one that is 4G/4G


Wait, there’s a Zenfone 6?


Yeah from the former ZenFone 5 era. 6 inch screen


Zenfone 5z better than Zenfone 6?

Seems weird to use a lower # to be better. Almost like making an iPhone 5m that’s better than plain iPhone 6, if my analogy sounds correct.

What’s good about Zenfone 5z?


They started with the 5 and 6 (which reflected the screen size), then restarted with the 2 and 3. Now they’re back to the 5’s again.

5z gets compared to the OnePlus 6 a lot. Pretty decent package for around 15k. Some Huawei models are similar as well I think. I have to get to a store and look a bit. I’ve liked my 6 so I’m inclined to stick with Asus.


I’ve got the 5z and really like it. I’ve had it about a month.


came up with a hit on OnePlus 6 now offers 4G to both SIM cards. Still does not allow both to be used for data simultaneously, but secondary sim can remain connected to 4G.

A new option, Dual 4G networks, appears under ‘SIM & Network’ within the OnePlus 6 settings menu. Once enabled, the secondary sim will remain connected to a 4G network wherever possible.


Not really necessary to need data from 2 sources at one time. Just use the data from whatever SIM seems appropriate at the time whether is cheaper or better connected or unlimited or and your local area or whatever.

Dual SIM cards are more useful when you want to have more than one phone number for calls and text whether it’s two local SIM or when you’re traveling in another country.

One scenario have two SIM cards in the same country.

Another scenarios have two SIM cards one from home country and one from the country you’re visiting.


Reviewers in India seem very excited about the updated ZenFone Max Pro with 6gb of ram.


What about the new Samsung Note 9? It looks pretty interesting. I’m thinking if I should get it for my next phone…


I had a Samsung Note and was mostly only useful because the screen is big but I never used the pen. If your a pen user then it’s definitely useful hand writing notes or doing artwork.


Apparently we may have Pixel 3 officially in Taiwan soon:


I use the new iPad Pro as my “phone” now. It’s pretty sweet.



I’m not that autistic.


If I didn’t have the X, I’d be interested in the Asus zenfon and google pixel. I’m just waiting for another phone to really make me want to switch and switch for good. Tried many HTCs, I liked them but unfortunately they don’t keep much value like if I want to sell it and buy a new one.

But the no dual SIM card is my number 1 complaint right now with the iPhone. I really need it.