Better options than the iPhone?


Other operating systems aside from pure Android are just shite.


Her S6 is seeing the last of its days. Takes a solid 30 seconds to open up Google maps and another 10 secs for her to search an address. Her contract is up in a month, but I figured it’d be nice for her to not worry about having to pay for a phone and maybe by not getting a phone with her plan, it can reduce her monthly fee.

I remember @Yang_Gui_Zi said he bought a unlocked phone, signed a contract and now pays something under 1000NT/month for unlimited data.

Why does she want those 3 brands? I’ve asked, she just “likes” them better than the others. I didn’t want to ask too much. It’s like asking her the difference between her the same colored make up she uses. To us…it’s similar functionality, but to her, there’s a difference.


The LG v30 has a nice screen, she would probably like that. The specs aren’t great but like you said, she probably doesn’t care about that. It’s got a nice large screen and I think looks pretty nice. I don’t know anyone with a oppo that chooses it willingly so.


There are security issues with Chinese brands.


Yes, I was about to ask around what people thought of the V30. It’s a bit more expensive than the G6 mostly due to the manual camera capabilities, OLED screen and newer processor.

I am considering it, but the price tag is a bit steep. I’m also a bit concerned the 6inch screen might be too big for her hands. However, I think that’s a minor issue.


Nova Launcher FTW!

NT$599/month unlimited 4G. 台灣大哥大.


The gf is also on Taiwan Big Brother Big. Will make sure that she can get that price before I buy her a phone. Otherwise, it would destroy my master plan.


Is there really, or is that just a “the Chinese are coming!” scare story?

What I mean is, has anyone identified a specific security issue in Chinese phones that isn’t already in Android? If there is one, I bet there are plenty of well-funded labs who would be only too happy to broadcast the fact.


Since she’s already on 大哥大, check with 中華. Usually, the best offer is for “new” customers. Pretty sure 中華 has a similar (or even better) plan right meow.


She probably won’t leave Big Brother Big because she’s been on it for forever. Last time she got a nice discount on her phone when she signed a contract.

I do know that she gets charged up the butt for calling land line number, so I’m hoping she can get a plan that includes some free talk minutes. Meow if I could get her to come to Middle Row, free calls within the provider would be pretty good since we do use the phone a lot.


There hasn’t been any proven mass data leaks. But let’s be real, a Chinese tech firm would roll over for the party in an instance secretly if asked. Xiaomi phones are banned both in the ROC military and also in India. The CCP has already shown interests in information collected from cell phones for “security” reasons to the country. I believe all cell phone makers had to have some sort of deal reached with the CCP about this issue. Say what you want about Apple, they did refuse to give the US government access and that was a big win in my books.


Have you tried restoring to factory settings like a new phone again? It works wonders. An S6 should not be that bad.


Why are you guys talking like cats?


Yeah, she did a few times and it just goes right back to its slow self. I did the same with my HTC M8 and it just went back to being slow after a few weeks of factory reset.

Appreciate you guys help in saving me the hassle and money, but I’m pretty much out of ideas for gifts if I don’t buy her this phone haha.


As I grow older the more I appreciate and hate gift giving. And realized the ones I received and should have been more grateful for. Some of the small things I’ve received must have seemed like a fortune to people that gave them to me.

I’m also puzzled on why they give children gifts and stop when we get older…like I need stuff now. Not when I was a kid lol.


It’s a skit from Super Troopers.


There may be hope for Pixel in Taiwan?


Huawei has had remarkable growth, only possible in China with government help. Chinese routers have backdoors built into them. There’s a current case where the Chinese government allegedly bugged the headquarters it built for the African Union. It’s not exactly a well-kept secret, and anyone buying Chinese electronics should conduct themselves with the full awareness that their data is not secret. It just depends on your comfort level.

Even Apple is more accommodating to the Chinese government than it is to the US government.


News in English:



Asustek targeting the discount market to iPhone X.

“just check out what you’re getting for $500:”

Snapdragon 845 CPU
8GB of RAM
16MP wide-angle camera
8MP on the front
3300mAh battery
256GB of storage
6.2-inch Full HD+ all-screen IPS LCD notch display
2246 x 1080
500nits brightness
100% DCI-P3 colour gamut coverage / 96% NTSC colour gamut coverage