Betwitched - Is it worth watching?

Who saw it? Was it any good?
I want to go see a movie tomorrow afternoon, but there seems to be slim pickings. I wanted to see this one, but the reviews made it sound like some kind of feminist propaganda about the empowerment of women. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I’d rather see a good comedy.

It’s worth it, if it’s on video. :wink:

I might have to go to a second run theater and try to catch Star Wars or Fantastic Four if it’s not too late.

Don’t hold your breath for Fantastic Four. I can’t decide which one is more unpalatable…or rather vomituous.

The premise for Bewitched the Movie is that there’s an actor looking for the perfect someone to play Samantha in a remake of Bewitched. Nicole Kidman plays a real witch who is trying to lay low on the magic thing, but then gets spotted by “Darrin”…it only goes downhill from there.

Either my taste in movies is becoming more critical or there is some real shit blowing downwind from Hollywood of late.