BEWARE! Canine Parvovirus

All dog owners BEWARE!!! My dog just got Canine Parvovirus (it can be a killer) even though she has had her 8 in 1 annual shot. In fact there was 1 month to go before she needed another shot. Believe me, you do NOT want your dog to get this; it is horrible and very nasty. My dog was shitting diarrhea and blood all over. I rushed her to the vet for immediate treatment. Its 1 week later and I still have her in a cage until she gets back to normal (because we also have another dog.)

Verdict:GET THE SHOTS DONE EVERY 6 MONTHS (especially if your dogs a shit sniffer in the local park!)

PS. Rea this:

PPS. Anyone have similar experience?


My cousin, a vet, has been going around encouraging everyone to get the shots, so yeah, definitely.

How much do those shots cost?

I’m looking into this today. Can anyone recommend a good resource for all such things to look out for as a dog owner? I’ve never heard of canine parvovirus before. I wonder what else I should look out for?