Beware of Eastern Broadband Telecom

Eastern Broadband Telecom (東森寬頻電信) offers cable modem service in the Taipei City area. They try to beat the ADSL guys by offerring 2M/256K for $599 per month. The catch is that you have to be a student…But, they will fake a student ID for you so that you can get the promotion!!

Also, the sales people do not know much about the technology! They will sign you up for service even though it isn’t available in your building!!

That’s what they did to us! They were late for the appointment (they said 8 am, then showed up at 11:15!) and then when the guy walked in, he spoke Chinese so fast, that I couldn’t understand him. He was pissed because our building did not have the proper wiring for the service.

He told my wife that we would need to call the building company and request that they ask Chung-hwa to rewire it for cable service! Yeah right!

They wasted our time…and now I know why it is so cheap…My wife called to complain and talk to the supervisor, but they just said sorry, there’s nothing we can do. So, we have learned our lesson…You get what you pay for! Anyway, like I said before, beware of Eastern Broadband Telecom (東森寬頻電信) because I don’t think they know what they are doing!

We just upgrade our Chunghwa (Zhong Hua) ADSL to 2M/256 and afaik it’s almost NT$900/month. Boy it’s sure a lot faster than 512/64!

We had a cable modem 2002-2003; sometimes it was really fast (200-300 kbps), sometimes it was quite slow (5 or 10 kbps).

Tealit said that they are going to update their high speed internet comparison chart by 11/15.