Beware of that school!

As some of you know there have been some police activities around Taipei County the past weeks. Fore the teachers with an A.R.C. that

[quote=“maako”]To the story I have to ad that the contract I (we all) signed was held at the head office for three months and I didn

Me too! I’ve never heard of someone toting an ARC successfully in a suit.

What a sad story! I feel sorry for you. Good luck finding a better job.


I don

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I am looking into it. Will get back to you.

Interesting. I just met a guy who has been working at I-Dear for a couple weeks and plans to go back home next week–was pushing me really hard to call the place for an interview, even after telling me about teachers huddling on the rooftop during the last raid. Needless to say, I’m not interested, but he kept raving about the place–how easy the job is, how great the kids are, etc. Hours from 9:30-4:30 5 days a week for 65,000NT a month, nothing to get worked up over I thought, but this guy is terribly enthusiastic. Says I-Dear promised to pay for somebody’s HK visa run (although I don’t know if they really did). The hours and pay don’t seem to be enough given the risk this place offers.

Idear has it’s licence now. They can get ARCs. It’s a nice school. A bit disorganised (they are new), but a nice place to work.