Bicycle Day

The original news I read about this (in Chinese) was that the Executive Yuan had declared the first Saturday in May each year to be “Car Free Day”. It now seems the event is being called Bicycle Day. Hopefully other events will still be held on the International Car Free Day on September 22.

From the China Post, 12 April 2007. … 106914.htm

[quote=“China Post”]May 5 named Bicycle Day with events going on across Taipei

The National Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (NCPFS) has dubbed May 5 “Bicycle Day”, it announced yesterday.

Mass cycling events will be held in both Taipei City and County on that day and everybody is welcome, said NCPFS Chairman Yang Jongher.

“Cycling is a sport that can help one achieve maximum health with minimum cost,” Yang said.

Cycling Life-Style Foundation Chairman King Liu said the number of cyclists in Taiwan has been increasing in recent years and many local authorities are enthusiastic about building bicycle paths, which “are good for the promotion of the sport”, he said.

Liu, who is also the chairman of the Giant Bicycles, said it took several years of promotion efforts to bring Taiwan in line with countries such as the United States, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Italy and France and recognize a bicycle day.

[color=darkblue]The Bicycle Day cycling event in Taipei County will take place at 8:30 a.m. outside of the Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology, while that of Taipei City will set out at 9:00 a.m. on Renai Road between the city government building and Jingfu Gate, Yang said.[/color] [/quote]

Uh, I need to get to the airport that day. No way I am taking a bike.

There is more information about the event (in Chinese) here. There seem to be events happening in most cities around Taiwan. The website is poorly designed and getting the information out is a little difficult. And then once you open the file it provides conflicting information!

I hope the following details for Taipei City are correct:

7:00 event starts at Taipei City Hall
8:10 bike ride along Ren’ai Road and return to City Hall
9:00 some sort of activity and bike race around Taipei City Hall
11:00 finish

Any chance they can act more responsibly this time ?

And here are the details for Taipei County:

7:00 register at Guandu
7:30 bike ride starting at Guandu Bike Hire Center to Shihsanhang Museum in Bali

6:40 register at Erchong
7:10 bike ride from Erchong Bike Hire Center to Shihsanhang Museum in Bali

8:00 register in Bali
8:30 bike ride from Bali Left Bank to Shihsanhang Museum in Bali

9:00 arrive at Shihsanhang and various activities

11:00 finish