Bicycle factory visit - Taichung

Hi guys,

Going through Taichung and the vicinity late December.

Does anyone know if any of the bicycle factories in the Taichung area run factory tours? I’d be keen to visit one if they do. Or are there any friendly small independent framebuilders around Taichung?

Also, where’s the best bicycle retail shop to pick up some bicycle accessories in Taichung?

Lastly, I’m looking for an easy ‘civilised’ bike ride to go with my wife who is an infrequent cyclist. A bike path where there’s a place where I could rent a bike for a couple of hours, not too hilly, and not too crowded. Any recommendations appreciated!


Fengyuan-Houli bike path is the best bet, about 10 kms outside Taichung city , bridges, tunnels, scenic, nice pleasant ride, plenty of bikes for rent there.

as for tours of the bike factories, Nope. Don’t believe there are or will be. I once visited the Giant factory but that’s only because I rode on a giant-sponsored team, years ago. All hush hush, no spies please kind of thing.

Giant include a factory visit on their round-the-island tour (see Giant adventure) so it may be worth trying them. Otherwise Pacific cycles have a museum in Taoyuan, which I think is by appointment only.

Thank you all for the tips!