Bicycle Industry Vocab

Hi everyone, my first post here.

I am doing some advisory work for a bicycle manufacture here in Taiwan, and I am getting a bit puzzled between Chinese (simplified and traditional), and Taiwanese expressions in regard to very specific term related to the industry.

So if any of you could point me on the right direction it would be awesome.

This is what I have so far, please be highly critical.

Torque Wrench: 轉矩扳手
Threaded BB (bottom bracket): 螺紋BB
Threaded BB Tool: 螺紋BB工具
16-notch tool: 16 形凹口
Chainring: 齒盤
Square taper BB: 四方軸BB
(crank set) Spindle: 主軸
Brakes: 剎車
Brake Caliper (road bike): 煞車夾器
Hydraulic Disc Brakes: 油壓碟煞
(this one is the most difficult to translate, in the industry we understand as the bike “cockpit” the handlebar area and its components) Cockpit: 駕駛座部件
Stem Cap: 把立蓋
Handlebar bolts: 手把螺絲
Carbon Handlebar: 碳纖維手把
Stem: 把立
Stem bolt: 把立螺絲
Crank set: 曲柄組
Grease thread and spindle: 使潤滑 螺紋和轴
Transmission: 變速器
Cable pinch bolt: 線螺絲
Front Derailleur: 前變速器
Rear Derailleur: 後變速器
E-bike Motor (drive unit): 電動自行車馬達
Electric motor: 電動馬達
Assembly plate: 組裝板
Specific tool: 具體工具
Grease lock ring: 潤滑鎖緊環
Suspension fork: 避震前叉
Lower Crown (of a double crank fork: Downhill style ): 下冠
Upper Crown: 上冠
All types of S73 Forks: 所有S73前叉
(this one is the worst, I want to say “All other forks”): 懸掛叉冠

Thanks for your time

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My knowledge of Chinese is abysmal, but you can see a fair bit about vocabulary over in the thread linked below. But the thread doesn’t go into China vs Taiwan or simplified vs traditional.

Cheers, I actually have taken some words out of that list, but I’m still looking for something even more specific.

@ranlee may ride his :bike: to the rescue here for you.

Feel free to ask! More than happy to add to the list.

Mate, I basically need an honest proofreading on all those magical concept I posted hahah everyone seems to have a different word for each concept.

I wish there was a right answer for everything you’ve listed, but I’ll respond to what I can.


The closest thing I can think of is 車把組




I’m confused, is it “All other S73 forks” or “All other forks”?

Ranlee, you legend! Thanks a lot for your help.

On that one, I want to say something like: All other forks for S73 (S73 as bike brand)