Bicycling with a kid

My son and I love bicycling, but most of time we limit ourselves to parks and local bike pathes in Taipei.
This year, we’d love to do more, … but where to go? I do not have a car, so somehow I feel transportation would be a big issue?
Without a car are there easily accessible bike paths?
Is there a map with all bike paths marked?
Would love to get some advice.
Thank you.

Here’s a map of Taipei bike paths. Lots of different places to rent so you can explore different environments. Muzha is really nice if you get off the path and ride through the university. No traffic on the ring road. Great views, lots of trees. … ke-map.jpg

Pinglin. Take a bus there. You can rent bikes in town and they have 20km or so of bike paths along the rivers. Very nice. At the end of the path you can hide your bike and walk up the stream 15 minutes to a lovely secluded swimming hole.

Ilan county has a number of dedicated bike routes.

Kaohsiung also has about 100km of routes now.

Oh, Xinzhu has 16km or so of bike paths along the ocean. It was 2/3 ready when I was there two years ago so should be all ready by now.

Baguashan in Changua also has 13km route.

Ershui and Jiji. Very nice riding in the countryside here. Take the hsr to Taichung and transfer to Jiji line. Can get there in a few hours. Bike rentals at Ershui and Jiji stations.

I have a couple books on cycling routes around Taiwan. Good detailed guides with public transport info. They are shorter routes and so not much use to me, but probably would be good for you and your boy.

Title: Let’s Bike: Carefree Tour Biking Volume 1 and 2 by the Sports Affair Council. If you can’t find them I am happy to let you borrow mine.

Oh yeah, see this thread on the biking around Fulong:


Here’s the Taipei Times article on the books: … 2003390348

The government book office they mention is near The Adventist Hospital on Bade.

Thanks a bunch MM.
Is it possible to take our bikes on the MRT or on trains?

[quote=“igorveni”]Thanks a bunch MM.
Is it possible to take our bikes on the MRT or on trains?[/quote]

On weekends you can take bikes on the MRT certain stations. The MRT website gives the time and stations. If you have folding bikes as I do you can take them any time.

Here’s a thread on the subject fo bikes on trains:

Note that there are new services all the time. The train from Kaohsiung to Taitung allows you to take bikes on the regular trains. … &CtNode=11

Great tips there Mucha man.