Biden calls communism 'a universally failed system' while calling Cuba a failed state

Oooh I am wonderfully surprised way too often with this guy. I don’t know if I can handle much more excitement!

Cuba probably wouldn’t be so bad if the US didn’t cut them off from everything. Half of my family fled Cuba and a few of my uncles, who were soldiers, took quite a few years to reacclimate to normal life. There’s definitely no love for socialism in our family, but there is the awareness that US policies hurt the normal people much more than the regime in charge. Let’s hope the current unrest can bring about enough changes to at least normalize relations and give the people a better chance to improve their own lives.


Sanctions don’t affect the people at the top. Look at North Korea. Some people actually believe that chubby Kim lost weight because of food shortages. What a joke. He would rather a million starved than he go hungry.

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I want to see an end to the embargo. Obama relaxed the regulations and made it easier for Americans to go to Cuba, but the guy who followed him reversed that policy. Hopefully Biden will relax the rules again, but I’d love to see him rescind the embargo altogether.

Rubio makes a lot of sense here though, the current embargo only prevents exchanges with military-owned entities.

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And Cubans were told days ago to forget about seeking asylum in the USA.

There are times when the planets true enemy, the CCP, make fair points about the USA being total fucking hypocrites haha. They may want to work on these sorts of issues if they want to be taken more serious going forward.