Biden’s Southern Border Policies

He says, Don’t come. He sends FEMA. No plans to visit.

DHS weighs in:

And the CSPAN coverage for later today:

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss:


Aside from changing the title, anything to add? :smoker:

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele told FNC’s Tucker Carlson that his government is as concerned about the illegal immigration crisis at the southern border as many people in America. T member of the center-right Nueva Ideas Party told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” the mass movement of people north “hurts all countries involved.”

“It is obvious, our country has failed to provide two basic things which are the two main drivers of immigration which are the lack of economic opportunity and a lack of security,” he said. “[But] most people don’t want to leave their country. They like their country, their food, weather, it is their country. And they have their family members here and their friends.”

Biden will let us in … is that what the tshirts they are wearing say?

I hope they are social distancing and wearing masks.

Looks like noop

Its ok they are cute kids, welcome to American!

I wonder what the US response would be if US parents starting shipping their kids to relatives or “relatives” in Canada, or Mexico for that matter.

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Maybe they can move to Idaho :roll_eyes:


Are you suggesting that a child doing what her mama told her and burning a mask is somehow equivalent on the bad parenting scale to sending a child across a dangerous border with human traffickers?

Wait i thought they just walk across

The orange man never built the wall

You thought wrong.

Something a bit more recent:

More than 800 people died last year crossing deserts, rivers and remote lands while migrating across the Americas, making 2019 one of deadliest years on record, the UN migration agency said on Tuesday.Jan 28, 2020emphasized text

Walk across yes , live or die after maybe

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And on CSPAN:
DHS head releases and THEN tests illegal immigrants in the communities. If they aren’t released and test positive, they are sent to ICE facilities and then released…

CA D-Correa asks what the long term solutions are. Says girls are still getting raped on the journey. Two LT solutions: Fix the system and address the root causes in the countries they are freeing by “investing” in the triangle countries.

DHS Head says it is wrong to break the law. And agrees with Biden that they shouldn’t come. But says the claim of asylum is not breaking the law. Asked by R-NC if Entering the US between ports of entry is illegal, says yes.

Back to testing from the R-NJ. The old dirty foreigners Q. If you’re not testing them and they are being released into the community riding public transport. Q: How many are being tested? DHS head is saying we’re testing more now than last year, you know, when we didn’t have the tests.

D-Cleaver…What is Antifa? I thought it was a relative, like my Aunt Edna…no shit. DHS head says, Antifa commits violent acts.

R- Are known terrorists allowed to claim asylum? DHS: No.

D-NY…less money on border walls, more money of firewalls…the real threat of domestic terrorism. Dream Promise Act vote tomorrow.


The Biden administration train wreck continues. The Democrats who cried and screamed about “child cages” and how “we have to let the illegals in” because they are “running away from drug and gang infested lands” just got the rug pulled out from under them with Biden’s “don’t come here” statement and rebranded child cages.

This is fascinating to watch from a psychological standpoint - will Democrats jump sides to stay behind Biden?

Even more of a long shot, will they finally understand the difference between legal and illegal immigration?

Biden just put his base in a tight spot, they either change their position to side with him or they have to demand his resignation/impeach him for being a child-caging anti-immigration racist who is expanding Trump’s wall and supporting a “symbol of hate”.

You think this is a train wreck? The immigration issue is dicey but I hardly see train wreck. It’s going way better than the last one and the country is getting better.


This was never an issue in the first place, except on Rush Limbaugh type programming

And yet I guarantee you that whoever the Dems run in 2024 will win the popular vote by a large margin regardless.

Meh, his base doesn’t give a shit about the border crossings, but then again, neither did Trump’s or O’Blahblah’s or Bush’s. Fact is most coming over are single men and leaving the roads that Trump had built to do his wall are now empty and unguarded, which is just fucking stupid.

The worst border crisis in 20 years. Just like that, like Biden flipped a switch. It’s indefensible.

So now that you maintain your original position I am assuming you are calling Biden a child-caging anti-immigrant racist who emboldens human traffickers (and somehow a surge in violent attacks on Asian Americans under his watch)

Just clarify your stance in case we misunderstand which ways you will change and shift your opinions, if any based on Biden’s recent statement.

Who? Me? Well, I never.

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Not my position, never was.

You’ve assumed my stance on immigration. You don’t know what it is. You also twist Biden’s stance quite a bit, which is to be expected.

As far as whining about the wall and roads, that whole project was idiotic and a waste of taxpayer money from the start.