Big Bad Wolf Booksales, 2M English Books

2,000,000 English books. Anyone been? What they got?


24 hours a day! woohoo!

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This looks like it may be pretty cool. I may trek over.

Thanks for noticing that. I might drop by late evening if out and about.

Here’s the exact location

I went to their FB page. I saw photos of English books -> Translated into Chinese.

Are all the books like this? Or are there English books?

Can you provide the photos?

I might be mistaken btw. But looking for comment from someone who actually went there.

It’s too late, but I actually did go out to this last week. I was going to go late at night to avoid crowds but figured I’d bring my kids. It was first thing on a Saturday morning and it was PACKED, but the prices were worth the trip. Everything was English; there wasn’t a Chinese book to be seen.

I signed up for membership but I don’t think that does much good because the whole event is over. I guess I’ll just keep my fingers crossed it comes back to Taipei next year like the facebook page says.

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Same. I went Friday night and got a lot of kids books for a friend and then books for myself.
Got some really great books at great prices.
Kids side was way more packed.

It’s back again, open 24 hours, free entry, 7-17 June 2019.

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I didn’t finish all the books I got last time.

I went last year and picked up 20+ books. In early evenings it wasn’t so bad but by 19:00 or so is was insane - sort of a low-key Black Friday kind of experience with some people walking by and tossing whatever they saw in their carts though if you were able to stay out of the kids’ sections, things weren’t so bad.

How bad is it on the weekends? I’d like to check this out but it’d have to be during the Dragon Boat holiday.

And the website math isn’t adding up:

  • billed as 256 hrs non-stop
  • listed times are 7 Jun 9am - 17 Jun 11:59pm = 255 hrs
  • the timer is counting down to 7 Jun 11:30am

I noticed the countdown clock as well. No idea.

I went on a pair of weekdays ~18:00 and it was fine though by 19:30 was packed at at 21:00 people were streaming in. I figured that the weekends would be terrible and didn’t want to try it.

No reason to go insane trying to find the perfect book - they have, literally, hundreds of nearly everything.

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