Big Bike License (Taichung)

x08 and I have arranged to register for Taiwan Big Bike School starting next week. There is another guy confirmed so we have a small discount due to the group booking (NT$7,000 each down from NT$8,000). We’ll be taking the course at Shi Hua on Taiyuan road, near the underpass at Taiyuan / Beitun rd. Apparently they have CB400s and Kawasaki 750s for practise/testing. If there is anyone else thinking about getting a big bike license, then come along with us and we might all be able to bargain for an even better discount. The course will take a few hours per day over a week and the test is taken one week after registration.

If any other Taichung Forumosans are interested then PM or call me (0952 899997). You will need to have held a standard (50-250cc) motorbike license for at least a year to register.

By the way, we will be going to complete our registration on Monday, but the due date is this Wednesday (July 11th)… if you arrange with us BEFORE MONDAY, we can meet up and all do the health-check (same as scooter one I believe) together, then head down and register…

If you decide AFTER Monday, then we will not be able to help with discounts.

And just to further point out the case - the word is that beginning in August, the ‘big’ licence will be split into TWO licences, one being for 550cc+ and the other one 250-550… that means TWO tests, when you can do only one now…

Oh well, looks like noone else is registering :laughing:

Well… took the first ‘lesson’ today. If you can ride a bike and change gears… you’ll be laughing by the end of 5 minutes. It’s easy. It’s so easy that I’d like to throw a few expletives in before the word easy.